Tricks to Upload Personal Data on Social Media

Understanding of digital security makes people more comfortable surfing on social media. Prudence in uploading personal data can minimize the negative impact.

“On social media, don’t oversharing, don’t post right away. Give a distance of five to six hours or after you change positions,” said Head of Creative Visual Brand Hello Monday Morning-UMKM Investor, Andry Hamida in Jombang, East Java, Wednesday (6/7).

Perpetrators of digital crimes collect data on potential victims. They get personal data little by little until it becomes a unified whole that can be used to cheat, steal, or be exploited for other needs.

Andry gave an example of a house burglary case after a family member uploaded a photo of five flight tickets to his social media. This incident shows that the perpetrators have been targeting the victim for a long time and took the action because they had the opportunity.

On the other hand, the habit of oversharing also makes it easier for the perpetrator to know the daily life of the victim. “Try to double check before posting anything. Position yourself as the one who sees,” said Andry. (OL-12)

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