Traumatized! This Man Finds Frog Carcass in His Daughter’s Burger


The McDonald’s burger ordered by his daughter took this man by surprise. Because in his burger he saw a dead frog. Apart from being disgusting, it is also traumatizing.

Apart from rats and insects such as cockroaches, there are many animal discoveries to salty objects that make many people nauseous. Until the trauma to eat these types of food.

Like the story of the discovery of a burger filled with carcass of a frog that was almost swallowed by a customer, at a McDonald’s restaurant outlet in South Africa.

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Reporting from DailyStar UK (18/05), this story started with the excitement of a male customer who expressed his frustration on Facebook. This man, named Willem Bezuidenhout, wrote down the disgusting discovery in the McChicken Sandwich menu that his daughter bought at a McDonald’s outlet in Mpumalanga.

The burger that his daughter ordered was not only filled with chicken, but there was a dead frog and mixed with mayonnaise and lettuce in it. This menu is even called ‘McFroggie’ by Willem.

Traumatized! This Man Finds Frog Carcass in His Daughter’s Burger Photo: DailyStar

Willem shared the receipt for the purchase of the chicken burger. In addition to the chicken burger, Willem also ordered a Coca-Cola, four medium-sized fries, and two quarter cheese burgers. The other orders were safe, but in his daughter’s chicken burger, which had been half eaten, the carcass of the little frog was found.

“Thank you Secunda McDonald’s for the not so lovely surprise at my daughter’s meal tonight on May 6, 2022,” she wrote. Although this incident occurred in early May, the upload has only gone viral now.

Willem, who did not receive it, immediately complained to McDonald’s and it was immediately responded to. Even so, his tweet on Facebook has gone viral and has received more than a thousand different comments.

“It was traumatic to see it, it means that the McDonald’s kitchen at the branch is not clean. The problem is that even a small frog can sneak in there,” criticized one netizen.

“I’m so sick that I don’t want to order a chicken burger there. I’m afraid there’s another surprise waiting for me,” continued another netizen.

In response to this, McDonald’s in South Africa has launched an investigation to investigate this frog case further.

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