Transvision Enters NFT and Web3 Ecosystems Through TRINVI

TRANSVISION launches the latest innovation in technology by creating a blockchain and Web3 based platform, namely TRINVI. In addition, Transvision also released its newest mini-series, Sang Soerya, which will air at the end of December 2022.

The advent of Web 3.0-based decentralized technology changes in the broadcasting, media, and entertainment industries; demands that all aspects of the business move and adapt. TRINVI as a blockchain-based business innovation supports various industries to enter the new era of digital economy by utilizing blockchain and web-based technology.

The first project from TRINVI is the publication of NFT +62 Sails which describes Season 1 of the Sang Soerya mini-series which is targeted to be released at the end of December 2022. The proceeds from the sale of NFT +62 Sails will be used to fund the Sang Soerya mini-series.

Sang Soerya is a mini-series inspired by the success stories of Indonesian entrepreneurs in building a business empire with the most diversification of business fields. It begins with the origin story of the ancestral migration journey of the main character from China to Indonesia, the adaptation process upon arrival in Indonesia, to the life journey of the main character climbing the ladder of success with all its challenges.

The sale of NFT +62 Sails will be open to the public at the end of October 2022. The released NFT +62 Sails has various benefits or utilities including: profit sharing from mini-series income, tickets to participate in mini-series, various vouchers and discounts, class incubator business and various other benefits for these NFT +62 Sails holders. These benefits can be extended in the next release of NFT.

“TRINVI as a work of the nation’s children, will be able to make a real contribution to the Indonesian broadcasting industry in winning competition in the international market, by promoting quality Indonesian content.” said Peter F. Gontha, President Director of Transvision.

Director of Business Development Transvision Fachrul P Kaliman said, the NFT was the first phase that was built as the foundation of the TRINVI roadmap. The second phase will develop FIAT, Credit Card and E-Wallet payment systems. The third phase will enter the collaboration stage outside the Transvision ecosystem and the use of tokens in TRINVI.

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In the fourth phase, TRINVI will release a launchpad which is a bridge for creators and communities to join and take advantage of the platform.

“In the fifth phase, TRINVI will develop this platform to support other business units in their efforts to expand their business by adopting blockchain and Web3 technology to enter the new era of digital economy.” said Fachrul.

Director of Programming and Content Development of Transvision I Putu Bidharma said, with a digital economy approach, NFT will be a differentiator, where iconic things in a show can become assets that are collected in digital form and owned personally by fans.

“As a marketing part of product development, the use of NFT in serials is something that is still new and rarely encountered before. We hope that all parties can benefit from this collection of NFT digital assets,” said I Putu Bidharma.

TRINVI is more than just Transvision’s business platform. He creates a meeting room for industry stakeholders such as creators, crew, communities, investors, to actors/actresses to take advantage of the digital economy.

For creators or project owners, TRINVI is an idea launchpad. They can submit content ideas to their patrons and the board of directors. Ideas that have passed the curation process will later be funded by a special NFT with artwork reflecting the content. Later content will get a special space on the CubMu by Transvision platform as a distribution platform. (RO/OL-7)

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