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Tourist Trains in Indonesia, Cool Similar to Trains Abroad


Did a traveler know, there is a tourist train with a distinctively stylish interior that a traveler can enjoy in Indonesia. Similar trains in Europe like Switzerland. Curious about how the train looks like?

In supporting the tourism sector, PT KAI has a subsidiary, namely PT Kereta Api Wisata, which as the name implies serves passengers for tourism. Not only delivering to the destination, but providing holiday facilities that are different from other trains.

Judging from the website, there are several tourist trains with various facilities for the convenience of the traveler.

1. Archipelago Tourist Train

The hallmark of the archipelago tourist train is the interior design and all the knick-knacks that describe the art and beauty of various remote islands in the archipelago. When we board this train, the richness of the archipelago can be felt during the train journey.

For facilities, Kereta Nusantara has a VIP balcony with large windows to be able to see the view outside from the back of the train freely. Meanwhile, in the middle of the lobby is very luxuriously arranged.

For travelers who want to rest comfortably, the Nusantara Tour Train is also equipped with 1 bedroom for 2 adults equipped with a dressing mirror, a night light and a sink.

As for the details of the Nusantara Tourism Train facilities, it has 19 seats, a balcony, a main room with a karaoke system, a mini bar, a bedroom (2 adults capacity) and an exclusive toilet.

2. Bali Tour Train

The Bali Tourism Train has an interior that is thick with Balinese cultural nuances. The atmosphere is beautifully and nicely designed with carvings and paintings with the nuances of the Island of the Gods.

The train has a capacity of 20 seats, main room, mini bar, VVIP room, karaoke system and exclusive toilet.

Bali Tourist Train Photo: (KAI dock)

3. Imperial Sightseeing Train

Imperial Tourist Train has a special train interior with complete facilities with comfortable seats. This train has a seat that can be reclined up to 135 degrees (reclining seat), equipped with a head rest and flexible leg rest that can be adjusted for your comfortable resting position.

Each seat is equipped with a portable table and a power socket next to the chair so that during the trip you can still complete work with a laptop or other gadget. There is a reading light on the roof of the chair.

Imperial Tourist Train facilities, there are 20 seats, mini bar, karaoke system, Big Screen TV, leg rest & foot rest, 20 kg luggage and exclusive toilet.

KAI Tourist TrainImperial Tourist Train Photo: (KAI dock)

4. Special Train

This train is an ex-inspection train that was redesigned for travelers who want to enjoy a trip with a different experience. Because the Special Train can be used to travel according to the time you want / flexible. The Special Train has 45 seats.

This can be done because the train is not coupled to a regular train. The Special Train consists of 2 series of trains equipped with a main room, namely a lounge including karaoke, audio & video, meeting rooms with wide screen TVs, audio and video, seats with leg rests that make your trip more comfortable. With this train, you can also enjoy the journey while looking directly at the view from the driver’s room.

KAI Special TrainKAI Special Train Photo: KAI

5. Java Tourist Train

The Java Tourism Train has an interior design and all the knick-knacks that highlight the art and beauty of Javanese culture. The main room of the Java Tourism Train is luxuriously designed, equipped with audio, video/TV monitors for karaoke. In addition, this train has a multipurpose room that can be used as a meeting place or as a family dining table.

This train also has a bedroom with a capacity for 2 adults equipped with a dressing mirror, a night light and a sink. This tourist train has a capacity of 20 seats.

Java Tourism TrainJava Tourism Train Photo: (Shinta/detikTravel)

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