Tourism in Riau, Camping at the Mouth of a Cave and Batu Tilam Waterfall


Enjoying beautiful natural attractions to camping has its own sensation. In Riau, for example, there is a tourist spot ‘Batu Tilam’ in the middle of the forest.

To get to Batu Tilam, tourists need careful preparation. Because the location is 170 KM from the capital city of Riau Province, Pekanbaru, namely in Kampar Kiri, Kampar.

To get to the location, you have to use a motorbike. It can also be by car, but must be with a car that has 4-wheel drive or four-wheel drive equipped with a winch.

Panorama on site (Raja Adil Siregar/ detikTravel)

Not enough there, the driver must also be equipped with skills and mental steel. Because, to get to the location, you will cross asphalt roads, soil, rocks to steep access in the middle of the Bukit Barisan forest.

“Yes, that’s the condition of the road to Batu Tilam Tourism. Especially when it rains, to a normal location it takes between 4-6 hours, it can take more than 8-10 hours of travel,” said a tourist, VJ Oki to detikTravel at the location, Friday (11/2/2022).

Arriving at the location, fatigue and a long journey will pay off. The fresh air pierced the nose accompanied by the chirping of birds from the branches of the trees in the still beautiful forest.

Its location in the expanse of the Bukit Barisan forest and the Rimbang Baling Wildlife Sanctuary makes the air in Batu Tilam cool. Not to mention the sound of the rushing 27 waterfalls around the campsite which is the main tourist spot.

The main spot of Batu Tilam at the mouth of the cave adds to its own sensation for lovers of the outdoors. But don’t worry, local residents and youth groups have also made access to the mouth of the cave with wooden stairs.

“Visitors can rest in the canopied courtyard of the Bukit Barisan cliff with a view of the morning sunrise. In addition, there are 27 waterfalls in Batu Tilam natural tourism, so far only 4 waterfalls can be visited and enjoyed along with the bat cave,” he said.

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