TKDN Presents the First Voice Ticket Verification Technology in Indonesia

PT Teknologi Karya Digital Nusa (TKDN) is collaborating with Silence Laboratories, a cybersecurity company based in Singapore, to ensure smooth authentication in mobility services, especially in e-ticketing.
By using this technology (called Silent Auth), it will be easier for passengers to verify tickets for both modes of transportation and event performances.

Customers only need to press the play button to start ticket validation based on voice and radio waves on the smartphone application within 1-2 meters of a dedicated reader device. Tickets can be verified automatically. The adoption of this technology will provide a major improvement in the user experience.

Unlike QR codes, the time required for verification only takes less than 1.5 seconds. Compared to QR codes, this solution is more precise and reliable. Therefore, the integration of Silent Auth with the TKDN application will reduce queues when taking transportation modes or when entering performances.

“We are proud to be a company that partners with Silent Auth technology to develop new solutions for e-ticketing, contactless and the first effortless ticketing in Indonesia. We hope to provide new experiences that are useful for transportation or performances in the archipelago,” said TKDN President Director David Santoso in an official statement, Wednesday (29/6).

The signing of the collaboration took place at the Silence Lab office, Singapore, with CEO of Silence Laboratories Jay Prakash and President Director of TKDN David Santoso which discussed the integration and marketing planning of voice ticketing technology. This collaboration ensures implementation for the first use of voice ticket technology in Indonesia.

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Through collaboration and collaboration with Silence Laboratories, in the future, distance-based voice ticket verification technology will continue to be developed for the convenience of users. Later, this technology can not only be used for transportation or the world of entertainment/showbiz but can also be used for other businesses or industries. The goal is to make it easier for users to get tickets and verify more quickly and accurately.

“This is a very appropriate breakthrough for the ticket verification system, especially in the Indonesian transportation world, when NFC-based cellphones have small penetration. We believe this technology can be a better choice for e-ticketing than the use of QR code technology and NFC cards that expected to reduce queues at the gate because of its speed and reliability,” concluded David Santoso. (OL-14)

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