Tips to Easily Adapt in the Age of Digitalization

Internet users every year continues to increase. According to the We Are Social and HootSuit survey in 2022, there are 204.7 million internet users, which is equivalent to 73.7% of Indonesia’s population.

“The reasons for using the internet include looking for information, looking for new ideas and inspiration, connecting with friends and family, to entertainment to fill spare time,” said Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer, Lim Sau Liang in Madiun, East Java, on Monday (5/5). 7).

He further said that the 2018 Central Statistics Agency (BPS) survey also revealed that of the three sub-indices of Information and Communication Technology Development (IP-TIK) Indonesia in terms of expertise had the lowest score. In addition to the Digital Literacy survey in Indonesia in 2021, the Digital Literacy Index or score in Indonesia is at 3.49 from a scale of 1-5. The score shows that the level of digital literacy in Indonesia is still in the medium category.

Digital literacy skills include not only knowledge of technology, but also being able to understand and operate it, including hardware in the form of digital devices and software such as conversation applications, email, market places, social media, including digital financial transactions. “The biggest challenge in digital skills is yourself. Feeling lazy and already in the comfort zone,” said Lim again.

Whereas the basic abilities regarding digital skills above are an individual way to adapt to the changing times that are now all digital. If you do not master this, you will be left behind and unable to compete with other individuals. (OL-12)

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