Tips for Becoming a Trusted Marketplace Seller

Lifestyle changes to become all-digital offer convenience and practicality in carrying out various activities. Currently, the presence of a market shop or marketplace makes people not have to shop at the market.

Digital skills help individuals identify, understand and use digital landscape hardware and software, information search engines, conversational and social media applications, and digital wallet, marketplace, and digital transaction applications. So that a trusted online seller must take advantage of every feature available in the market place. “Make sure that when there is a discussion in the product discussion column, it is answered. When someone asks, there must be a detailed explanation, so that as business people we are trusted. Then we also give certainty to customers so that they know what kind of product when it arrives,” said Mafindo volunteer, Puji F. Susanti in Mojokerto, East Java, Wednesday (6/7).

Online sellers must explain their products in detail. For food products or something that is directly consumed, the seller must include a distribution permit and halal information. These two things are the first filter for a food product.

Sellers must also display photos on the market shop application according to the product. Today many sellers simply change the color of the product in the photo using a computer program. So the product sometimes does not match the picture.

Most importantly, continued Puji, the seller did not misuse customer data. Each market location has a different policy. Some keep buyer data secret, so sellers can only see data at the beginning of the order. On the other hand, there are those who keep a history of buyer data up to the last year or two.

“If you have a market shop, the data that comes to us is valid, because it is based on an interest in the product. Market shop players can ask for help from the market shop for follow-up to customers when there is a promo. This is still ethical because it is by concern. But if we sell this seller’s data to people, that’s unethical,” said Puji. (OL-12)

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