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TikTok Will Label State-Supported Media

TikTok’s short video sharing platform has started labeling state-backed media accounts.

“We will begin a policy of labeling content from state-regulated media accounts in the coming days,” TikTok said on the official website, quoted Monday (7/3).

TikTok said it had been preparing this rule since last year, but Russia’s war with Ukraine prompted them to immediately implement this rule.

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“In response to the war in Ukraine, we are speeding up the rollout of our policy on state media so that viewers have context to evaluate the content they consume on our platform,” said TikTok.

The platform defines state-regulated media as entities that have direct or indirect influence over editorial content or decision-making.

The label aims to help users understand the information they are reading or watching and its context.

Still in response to the Ukraine war, TikTok is increasing the security of its platform to combat misinformation. They currently have a team that speaks 60 languages ​​of the world, including Ukrainian and Russian.

TikTok also uses technology to detect live broadcasts that may contain hoaxes. (Ant/OL-1)