TikTok Shop Announces New Shopping Center Features

TIKTOK Shop has just announced its newest feature, the Shopping Center in Indonesia. This feature makes it easier for users to carry out buying and selling activities while still enjoying entertaining video content on the TikTok platform. This refers to the Shoppertainment concept that prioritizes entertainment before inviting users to buy products on the TikTok Shop platform.

With TikTok Shop Shopping Center, users can view orders, display items for sale, shopping history, communicate with sellers, set shipping addresses, to process payments, all in the same tab. This feature provides a smoother and more enjoyable shopping experience, streamlines consumer shopping flows, helps businesses grow, inspires creativity, and maximizes the power of branding. The categories and choices of products sold are also very diverse, ranging from beauty equipment, women’s clothing, food, to electronic devices.

TikTok Shop data shows the performance of several brand categories increased with contributions from Shopping Centers. During the first week of October 2022, in the FMCG category, one of the merchants that achieved high sales was Nagoya Mart with an increase in GMV on October 3-10 reaching 209.7% with a Shopping Center contribution of 59.2%. In addition, from the electronics category, the highest sales merchant was achieved by Royalstoregadget with an increase in GMV of 797% and a Shopping Center contribution of 21.1%.

There are several things that users who want to sell through the Shopping Center must pay attention to, such as consistency in uploading short videos with interesting audio and images. There is also a methodology used by all brands and merchants whose performance is the most brilliant, namely providing competitive prices and increasing product variety, for example wholesalers can encourage and recommend more products that users need, such as cooking oil, seasonings, powdered drinks, and other products. best selling milk.

This is practiced by several brands that have joined the TikTok Shop Shopping Center, such as Bedola88, which sells high-quality storage racks at affordable prices. In addition to providing low prices, Bedola88 consistently uploads short videos with trending content and sounds to promote their products and live sessions on the TikTok Shop. Bedola88 does live streaming every day at the same time with a minimum duration of 3 hours. For live sessions, this brand also chooses a communicative and informative host so that they can interact better with the audience. By combining creativity with features on TikTok Shop, Bedola88 was able to achieve a 92.9% increase in GMV with TikTok Shop Shopping Center’s contribution of 15.1%.

Well-known brands like Oppo have also tried the latest features from TikTok Shop. Oppo sells its products at affordable prices and provides flash sales or discounts on their best-selling products at the Shopping Center. At 10.10, Oppo held a give away for users, ranging from products, accessories, food, vouchers, speakers, and other interesting items. Oppo also works with creators to promote their brands, so that the GMV achieved during the 10.10 shopping moment then reached 42.3% with the Shopping Center contribution of 13.4%.

As the top GMV contributor in the FMCG section during this campaign, Scarlett Whitening believes their outstanding performance is based on their sales strategy of combining competitive pricing with a focused product strategy. For example, in live streaming they only focus on FMCG products and they do live streaming successively so that viewers can walk in and shop. They also launch new products during live streaming at competitive prices as star products to increase sales. In addition, they work closely with TikTok creators through an affiliate program and actively live stream with TikTok Live Shopping Ads to attract more traffic.

The combination of a focused product strategy is also the key to success for another top performer, namely Nagoya Mart which is known for selling wholesale groceries, has succeeded in becoming one of the best-selling stores on TikTok Shop. Their strategy is to increase sales through the Shopping Center feature. Furthermore, to meet the needs of buyers well, Nagoya Mart always sells products at affordable and competitive prices in the market.

Entering the 11.11 shopping moment which will soon arrive, TikTok Shop will offer various attractive promos for computer/IT products, communication technology, consumer electronics (3C) which can be accessed at the Shopping Center. Customers can get promotions at the best prices with flash sales, discount coupons, and free shipping at TikTok Shop Shopping Center.

In the flash sale, there will be smartphones with prices starting from Rp. 11,000 and other electronic products starting from Rp. 1,111. In the TikTok Shop Shopping Center feature, there are many coupons available, as well as 3C crazy deals that offer super cheap electronic products. To learn more about Shopping Center features, brand success stories, and how brands are growing their business on TikTok and TikTok Shop, please visit https://seller-id.tiktok.com/. (RO/OL-14)

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