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TikTok Now Brings TikTok Stories

The video sharing platform, TikTok, is now bringing the TikTok Stories feature to more users globally after the feature was released in August 2021.

If you get the TikTok Stories feature, then later you will be greeted with a special “banner” about TikTok Stories when you open the application made by the ByteDance subsidiary.

Launching The Verge, Friday, TikTok Stories has the same mechanism as Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories, and WhatsApp stories which are now like mandatory to appear on social networking platforms.

“We’re expanding the reach of our initial test to give creators additional video formats to bring their creative ideas to the community on TikTok.” said a TikTok spokesperson regarding the expansion of the TikTok Stories trial.

The way it works is more or less the same as uploading “stories” on some social networking services, users can upload photos and videos and add text, effects, as well as filters and songs.

The story trend has become popular since Snapchat introduced it to the global community.

Soon, its competitors such as Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn also followed in Snapchat’s footsteps by presenting the “stories” feature.

For the official release, TikTok does not seem to want to confirm and is still waiting for the public’s response to the feature that is being tested. (Ant/OL-12)