Through the Ruang Ngaji Application, Learn Religion Easily from Anywhere

J99 Foundation launches the Ruang Ngaji application which gives people access to learn Islam easily.

The launch event was held at J99 Tower, South Jakarta, in conjunction with Tarhib Ramadhan to welcome the holy month.

Gilang Widya Pramana, Founder of J99 Corps said: “We have been preparing the Ruang Ngaji application for almost a year. Thank God it was finally launched to coincide with the arrival of the month of Ramadan.”

“This Islamic religious information and education platform can be accessed for free by all Indonesian people in Indonesia and abroad,” said Gilang in a press statement, Thursday (31/3).

“The Ngaji Room provides an Al Quran feature in which there is a melodious chant from Ustadz Taqy Malik. In addition, we also work with Koran teachers in regions to fill classes provided in the application. This Koran class is equipped with interactive videos through the platform Zoom,” added Shandy Purnamasari, founder of J99 Corps.

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The features in the Ngaji Room are designed to facilitate Islamic religious learning activities regardless of age or place of residence. Children or people who just want to explore religion can benefit from the Ruang Ngaji application.

The following are some of the features that can be found in the Ngaji Room by J99 Foundation, namely Online Ngaji, Learning the Koran, Live Ngaji, Al-Qur’an, Prayer Times, Islamic Quiz, Learning Arabic, Asmaul Husna, Qibla Direction Markers, Islamic Stories, Catalogs Dhikr, Education Worksheet, Zakat Calculator, Tasbih, and Nearby Mosque Information.

All of these features can be accessed for free without having to become a paid premium member. Ngaji Room By J99 Foundation can be downloaded via PlayStore and AppStore.

“Make a Study Room as a friend to carry out worship in the holy month of Ramadan. Marhabban ya Ramadhan Happy fasting,” said Shandy. (RO/OL-09)

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