This Whole Snake and Scorpion Stuffed Soup is Effective in Treating Rheumatism


This one soup is extreme because it contains a whole snake and scorpion. It has been trusted as a soup as well as a legendary remedy for rheumatism and high blood pressure.

China is famous for many strange traditional foods and not a few extreme ones. Including one of the soups from Guangdong Province which comes filled with snake meat and whole scorpions.

Reporting from Oddity Central (20/2) this soup is a legendary food and has been processed and served for generations by the people of Guangdong. But until now scorpion soup is still considered an extreme food.

Whole Snake and Scorpion Stuffed Soup Photo: Oddity Central

For Chinese people, scorpions are a type of attack that is commonly consumed. In northern China, fried scorpion skewered like satay has become a popular street food. But in southern China, scorpions are often processed as raw materials for making soup.

The scorpion that contains this deadly venom is cooked with a mixture of snake meat and pork. Various spices were added to make the soup taste delicious.

Although the venom of the scorpion is deadly, it is considered a detox dish.

Although it is known as authentic food from Guangdong, but it is a bit difficult to find this soup in restaurants. This menu must be specially cooked by an experienced chef who is able to remove scorpion venom before processing it into food.

The scorpion that no longer contains the poison must then be boiled for three hours with snake and pork meat. Additional seasoning is garlic, ginger and various Chinese spices. In addition to making the stuffing of the soup cooked, this boiling process is also intended to remove all the poison of the scorpion.

The scorpion is intentionally left intact, aka not cut into small pieces. This is also what makes this scorpion soup look scary.

For snakes used, usually the type of water snake that has been cut and cleaned. When it is cooked, this scorpion soup can be directly consumed warm.

Whole Snake and Scorpion Stuffed SoupWhole Snake and Scorpion Stuffed Soup Photo: Oddity Central

Although terrible, the scorpion in the soup can also be eaten and there is no need to worry about the poison content. The texture of this scorpion is hard but the inside contains the broth from the soup stew.

Apart from being a food, this soup is also believed to be able to treat various diseases. According to traditional Chinese medicine, whole snake and scorpion soup can help treat ailments such as rheumatism, high blood pressure, seizures, and skin diseases.

However, most Chinese people are actually interested in eating it because it tastes delicious and warm. This soup is also increasingly popular when winter arrives because it makes the body feel warm.

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