this tiktoker proves the worst rating of geprek chicken in png

This TikToker Proves the Worst Rating of Geprek Chicken in Ojol


This man is curious to taste chicken geprek which gets the worst rating on online motorcycle taxis. No wonder the rating is bad, it turns out that the geprek chicken is stale.

When ordering food through online motorcycle taxis (ojol) usually an outlet has a rating or assessment from customers or buyers. Well, the rating can show the quality of the food offered.

The lower the rating, the lower the quality of the food. Vice versa. A TikTok content creator @tonyptra was also curious about tasting the food that got the worst rating.

The food that was bought at that time was geprek chicken. Through his video, he did not reveal the name of the outlet where he bought the geprek chicken. What is clear, the geprek chicken was bought for Rp. 16,000.

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Geprek chicken gets a lot of bad reviews on online motorcycle taxi apps Photo: TikTok @tonyptra

While ordering, Anthony saw the bad reviews submitted by other buyers. Some say that the geprek chicken is not worth eating because it smells rotten.

“Sell what’s good and don’t give bad things to customers. Try to eat what it tastes like. What’s the condition of black chicken, what kind of stale chicken?

Anthony also bought the geprek chicken to prove whether the taste was as bad as what other buyers had said. A portion of geprek chicken is equipped with rice and chili sauce.

Anthony considered that the rice given was like the rice crust left in the rice cooker. When eaten, he said that the aftertaste was strange.

“The aftertaste is like ‘clinging’ in the throat going up and up. You can’t eat it,” he said as confirmed by detikFood (08/03).

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Taste the worst rated fried chickenThe appearance of geprek chicken that got a bad rating on the online motorcycle taxi application Photo: TikTok @tonyptra

Then he switched to chicken gepreknya. He got a small thigh. According to him, the flour has a sour taste and is like yesterday’s stock fried chicken.

Not only that, when the layer of meat is cut it looks like it’s watery. The flour is also hard and the chicken meat is black and smells bad.

“I swear this smells. At first I thought it was only the rice that smelled. It turns out that the chicken also smells. The meat is an item, it couldn’t have been just yesterday, but yesterday it was the other day,” he said.

Taste the worst rated fried chickenTaste the worst rated geprek chicken, the meat is black and has a bad smell Photo: TikTok @tonyptra

Even when he tried to eat the chicken, he vomited. It turned out that the chili sauce served was sour. Even Anthony got nauseous when he kissed her.

“The chili sauce is stale too, I don’t understand when people sell stale food. Where is the brain, how can it be, the chili has a sour smell,” said Anthony.

And all the bad judgments from buyers in the online motorcycle taxi application were proven correct when Anthony taste it alone. The video was also widely responded to by netizens.

“You should tell me the name of the restaurant. I’m really surprised by people selling food like playing games,” wrote a netizen.

“I just look at it, let alone really smell it. I swear it’s not a blessing to sell stale food like that,” wrote another netizen.

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