This Street Food Shop Offers a Salary of IDR 33.8 Million a Month as a Waiter


This street food shop in Singapore has suddenly gone viral. After the owner opened a waiter vacancy with a salary of tens of millions of rupiah.

Working as a waiter or employee at a street food shop, the image is definitely not as luxurious as if you work as an office employee. Starting from the job position to the job location.

But most people will definitely think twice, after seeing this one job vacancy. Reporting from WOB (27/02), one of the street food stalls in Singapore opened a job vacancy.

They are looking for Singaporeans who are willing to work in their shops for wages ranging from SGD 2,900 (Rp 30.7 million) to SGD 3200 (Rp 33.8 million) per month.

This salary is of course very high for street shop employees in Singapore. No wonder this one job vacancy immediately went viral and even entered the online forum site Reddit. Many netizens from Singapore agree that the salary that this food stall offers is quite competitive with the salary they have now.

Unfortunately, it is not clear what the name of the street stall is. Even under the job vacancy, there is the name of the restaurant ‘Bai Nian Niang Dou Foo’ which is popular for selling Singaporean yong tau foo. It’s just that Bai Nian Niang’s Dou Foo is not informed which branch.

In response to this, several Singaporean netizens said that the salary was quite large because working at a street stall requires a lot of energy and energy. Most street vendors are open six times a week, working 10-12 hours a day.

This Street Food Shop Offers A Monthly Salary Of IDR 33.8 Million As A Waiter Photo: SAYS

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Especially for those who work in the food industry in Singapore, of course, employees will find it difficult to get a day off on a red day, and usually they only get a day off once a week.

However, the job vacancy as a waiter at this street stall still attracts the attention of many people. Coupled with the minimum wage in Singapore currently stands at SGD 1,500 (Rp 15.8 million).

This street food stall is not the only place to eat that is willing to pay tens of millions of rupiah to get employees. Previously, one of the newest Salt Bae restaurant branches in Saudi Arabia, offered a salary of around IDR 45 million per month for their new employees.

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