This Restaurant in Bandung Can Cure Missing a Vacation to Japan


Traveling abroad, especially to Japan, is everyone’s dream. For those of you who miss a vacation to Sakura Country, this restaurant in Bandung has the cure.

Many people have discouraged their intention to travel to the country of Sakura because it is still a pandemic. This condition is used by restaurant entrepreneurs in the city of Bandung. They created a restaurant concept with an atmosphere in Japan, from architecture to food.

detikTravel had the opportunity to visit the restaurant with the Japanese concept. This restaurant is called Hanami Cafe & Sky Lounge, located at Jalan Cihampelas No. 254, Bandung City.

Upon entering the main room, we will be treated to Japanese ornaments and accessories. The decorations can be used by visitors to take selfies.

Because of this restaurant, joining other restaurants and standing in one building, Hanami Cafe & Sky Lounge is on the top floor.

Japanese themed restaurant in Bandung Photo: Wisma Putra/detikcom

While on the top floor, we can see the landscape of the city of Bandung which can be seen from the transparent room.

Not only that, outside the room we can also see buildings with Japanese architecture, plus cherry trees in bloom.

This spot has become a favorite photo spot for visitors. Because, the main purpose of visitors who come here is none other than taking selfies with cherry blossoms, especially with the Japanese atmosphere.

Owner of Hanami Cafe & Sky Lounge Andrew Clement said the restaurant he created carries a Japanese concept.

“Currently we have a place with a Japanese concept, which is famous for its very high culture and good food,” Andrew told detikTravelSunday (13/2/2022).

Andrew said this place was also made to release the longing for people who miss Japan.

“Conditions of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many people can’t go abroad, can’t go to Japan, that’s why we thought of bringing Japan to this place,” he said.

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