This office employee confides to be called a stingy because he never eats breakfast


Never having breakfast at the office, this employee confides that he is called stingy by his officemates. He also likes to be a victim of coffee burglary by his office friend.

Problems in the office don’t just talk about work to bosses. But also discusses the office environment filled with various kinds of people’s characters.

Like the story of one of the office employees who are anonymous. He shared his rant via Twitter account @worksfess (23/05), discussing experiences to the office world.

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“Guys, so I never eat breakfast at the office. Because before that I had breakfast at home. Then a friend of mine said, if I’m stingy, it’s really economical. My salary is called full because I never have breakfast at the office,” he wrote.

He admitted that he was hurt by his friend’s words. But he’s the type of person who can’t be angry and only harbors annoyance in his heart. Not only is he called stingy because he never eats breakfast at home, he is also often a victim of bullying from his friend.

“Sometimes he likes to ask me to buy coffee. But I don’t buy it because I’m also saving myself, and he says I’m being stingy again. Is it wrong, guys, if I’m hurt?

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In response to this complaint, many netizens shared similar experiences to suggestions for avoiding busy office friends like this.

“So you remember when you first started working. Your seniors mocked you, ‘you’re a slow cook, do you want to get rich quick, don’t you think?’ but every month he borrows money from my mouth,” vented @ven**.

“Don’t listen so stupid. I also rarely eat snacks when I work. Until I was called a stingy but yes, I was stupid, my leader used to always ask for oranges and anything. I was just talking about focusing on saving, he said I was also stingy,” continued @teh **.

“You don’t need to be accompanied. After all that garbage, you don’t have to pay for your life but the smut is everywhere. In the office, we should be able to work together, but just be professional. Just do the right thing, go home, forget it. Just think there’s nothing like that. personal and professional matters, so that they are not spotty,” closed @krup**.

This tweet alone has garnered more than 147 likes, and received dozens of replies from people discussing this work environment.

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