This Netizen Reveals How To Eat Sushi People, Is There Your Way?


Sushi is a popular Japanese food. Many people from different countries have their own unique way of eating sushi. These netizens practice the way people eat sushi.

A Japanese specialty made of rice balls and sliced ​​raw fish called sushi it is so popular in the world. Sushi is now eaten by people in various countries.

Even though it is so popular, many people still have a hard time eating sushi properly. Some even find it odd to eat raw fish but still want to order sushi.

Noting the various ways people eat sushi, this netizen from Japan revealed some of the normal to the strangest ways of eating sushi. Here’s how to eat sushi that is practiced.

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Mimicking the novice style of eating sushi, Mickael practices people who eat sushi struggle with chopsticks and end up eating with their hands. Photo: TikTok/mikasan__

Quoting TikTok @mikasan__ (30/1), Mickael Shimizu, who lives in Japan, often pays attention to how people eat sushi. At least Mickael revealed there are five styles of eating sushi which many people do.

In the first place, Mickael imitated a normal person’s style of eating sushi. Picking up sushi with chopsticks and dipping it in shoyu, usually normal people don’t give expression and enjoy eating sushi more.

Next are the beginners who are usually just tasting sushi for the first time. For people like this, expressed by Mickael would usually be difficult to use chopsticks.

To demonstrate it, Mickael even put down the chopsticks and left them on the table. According to Mickael, beginners who just eat sushi will take sushi with their hands.

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Netizens Practice How to Eat SushiIn addition there are also extreme sushi connoisseurs by adding a lot of wasabi on top. Mickael practiced when the wasabi stung up to the nose. Photo: TikTok/mikasan__

Mickael even demonstrates when Japanese women eat sushi. Identical to cute characteristics, Mickael managed to practice it by eating only at the end of the sushi but gave a pretty excited reaction.

“Oishi (delicious)!! Umm, Yabai!! (great),” said Mickael.

In addition there are also people who eat sushi by pouring a lot of wasabi on it. People with this type are referred to by Mickael as ‘wasabi freak’ or wasabi enthusiast. Don’t forget Mickael also practices a stinging taste in his nose when he eats too much wasabi.

Annoyed by one of TikToker’s cooking sushi to perfection, Mickael also practices the sushi-eating style that is considered blasphemous. The rest of the sushi in front of him was put in the microwave and cooked until done.

When viewed by detikfood (4/2), Mickael’s uploads have been viewed more than 685 thousand times. Hundreds of netizens who commented on the video focused on the final style of cooking sushi thoroughly.

“I think I think I know the man (people eat cooked sushi). Looks like he’s the same person who removed the dumpling skin and made it like regular dumplings,” wrote the account @mickhelss_.

“That’s the part that goes into the microwave and adds ketchup on top, completely illegal from any side,” wrote the account @theenge_03.

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