This Muslim Restaurant Called Misleading Because It Advertised Alcohol Drinks


A restaurant Muslim accused of misleading customers because they advertised alcoholic beverages. Even suspected of selling pork.

The Chinese Muslim concept restaurant suddenly went viral on social media after displaying an advertisement that did not match the restaurant concept. The restaurant is located on Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Starting from the upload of a Facebook user who is also a food delivery courier. At that time, he came to the restaurant to take food orders for his customers.

“Abusing customers. I’m evil, but I don’t want to conspire,” reads his upload as quoted from mStar Online (04/05).

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Muslim restaurants advertise alcoholic beverages Photo: Facebook

Furthermore, he also said that his partner never received an order of pork from the restaurant. His upload was immediately responded to by netizens who were disappointed.

Many netizens regret that the restaurant has a chef who is a Muslim. What’s even more confusing is that the restaurant also provides a place of worship for non-Muslims.

Aadham Fareed Abdullah, as the owner of the restaurant, immediately gave clarification. He mentioned that his culinary business does not yet have a halal certification.

Furthermore, he also admitted that his restaurant still uses liquor billboards to this day. Starting when the new restaurant opened in 2020, there was an alcoholic beverage supplier who wanted to fund his business.

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Muslim restaurants advertise alcohol drinksMuslim restaurants advertise alcoholic beverages Photo: Facebook

“At that time I was okay because there were people who wanted to sponsor, but had to cook their nameplate as a condition of the agreement. I couldn’t cancel it for a period of 18 months or pay compensation of Rp. 7.3 million,” he said.

Actually, the period specified for the advertisement of liquor has ended, but it took another 30 days for the parties concerned to take the signage.

Meanwhile, his restaurant is in the process of getting halal certification from JAKIM. According to him, there are many procedures that must be carried out in order to obtain halal certification.

Aadham also denied allegations that his restaurant sold pork. The reason is that before he converted to Islam in March 2022, he explained that the food sold in his restaurant was cooked by Muslim chefs from Indonesia.

“Malay, Indonesian and Malaysian workers are why there is a chicken penyet menu. From the start I did not sell pork-based menus, even the raw materials were sourced from Muslim suppliers,” said Aadham.

Regarding the temple in the restaurant, Aadham explained that the temple belonged to his Buddhist mother. And later all the prayer equipment will be sent back to his family’s house in Sarawak.

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