This Museum Exhibits Failure Around the World


Who wants to fail, right? But in this museum you can learn from the various failures on display. Let’s see the museum.

Judging from the website, Tuesday (22/11/2022) this museum is the idea of ​​a clinical psychologist and innovation researcher at Sweden’s Lund University, who is also the museum curator, Samuel West. He collects failed products and services from around the world, then exhibits them to provide a learning experience for museum visitors.

Initially West was interested in the psychology behind failure. He also bought a variety of failed products for his needs.

Samuel West, curator of the Museum of Failure (Museum of Failure)

Now more than 159 products failed to be exhibited. Some of these ‘failed’ items include the IKEA AIR sofa, Apple Newton, Nokia N-Gage, Sony Betamax, Harley-Davidson Perfume, Kodak Digital Camera, Google Glass, Pringles snacks and many more.

There was one failed product that was considered the craziest product, namely the spray condom which was sold from 2006 to 2008. Even though it was made as a solution to several problems, spray condoms were considered scary to use. The applicator makes a loud hissing sound and the drying process takes 2-3 minutes.

Another interesting thing is Coca-Cola Blaki in 2016. Coca Cola has been concocting soda-coffee concoctions for two years and when it was introduced to the public it received a bad response. Many people say that this product is the worst drink ever and only lasted 2 years on the market. After that this product was never produced again.

Museum of FailuresMuseum of Failure Photo: (doc Museum of Failure)

However, West argues, these failed products represent a business’s willingness to take risks in innovating. We need to remember that there is no success without failure.

“The Museum of Failure aims to stimulate productive discussion about failure and inspire people to take meaningful risks,” the Museum of Failure writes on its website.


Information for travelers that the Museum of Failure is a traveling museum, meaning that the museum moves from one location to another. Several locations that have served as museum stops include Sweden, Los Angeles, Paris, Shanghai and Minnesota. In June this year, the Museum of Failure is being held in Calgary, Canada.

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