This Man Makes Banana Trunk Chips, Netizens Are Curious


Not many people know that banana stems can be processed into food. Like the man who made banana stem chips and managed to make netizens curious about the taste.

In addition to the fruit, people also used to process the banana heart into food. But apparently there are also those who use banana stems or banana stems as a snack.

It is Mursyid, a man who often makes food from banana stems, including chips. Through his Tiktok account @mursyid241 he shows how to make banana stem chips. It turned out to be easy.

“A banana tree fell again. I executed the banana tree first, I cut it down, I used it to make snacks,” said Mursyid.

This Man Makes Banana Trunk Chips Photo: TikTok @mursyid241

He also shows step by step to make these banana stem chips. First he cut the inside of the banana stem and then cut it about 10 cm. Peel the outside to get a fibrous part like a net. This net-like part is then cut into pieces.

Next, he soaked this part of the banana stem with a solution of tamarind. Its purpose is to give it flavor while removing the banana stem sap. The sliced ​​banana stems are then rinsed with clean water.

To cook it, Mursyid coats the banana stems with flour mixture that has been given garlic powder and flavoring. He then fry the banana stems until dry and ripe.

“It’s just not sprinkled with spices, it’s really good, what else is added seasoning,” said Mursyid while eating this banana stem snack.

The video, which has been watched more than 9.7 million times, has also invited netizen comments. Some netizens are used to finding dishes made from banana stems, while many are also curious about the taste.

“In my area, banana trees are really eaten, even served at big events, the name is kotei,” said a netizen.

“When I was little, I grew up playing cooking, but I didn’t eat it like that,” said another netizen.

“Is this for all types of banana trees, bro, or only certain bananas, please answer, please, behind the house, there are many banana trees,” added another netizen.

This Man Makes Banana Trunk Chips, Netizens Are CuriousBanana stem Photo: TikTok @mursyid241

To DetikFood (5/2), Mursyid said that he had encountered this kind of snack since childhood because his parents often processed banana stems into food.

“You know the recipe since I was little, I saw my parents often make those debog chips,” said Mursyid.

He also said that the taste of this snack was delicious. “It feels like if it’s been fried dry and then sliced ​​thin, it’s not much like a dent or an onion cake,” concluded Mursyid.

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