This is the reason why new people dare to cook when mom is not at home


Many viral food recipes are scattered on social media. But there’s a reason why new people dare to try recipes when their mother isn’t home.

Since the presence of social media such as Twitter to TikTok, many people share menus of food and drink recipes that are easy to make by anyone. The average materials used can also be found at home.

But most new people dare to copy this viral recipe when their mother is not at home.

“Aren’t you guys like that too? Wow, so am I, so I don’t get scolded,” wrote one Twitter user who shared a screenshot of one of the comments on TikTok. In the photo there are writings of some simple food ingredients such as wheat flour, sugar, butter and pandan paste.

But what caught the attention of netizens were the comments below. One TikTok user revealed that he already had the ingredients for this recipe, only that he was just waiting for his mother to leave the house.

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Ingredients for cooking tripe with chorizo, a typical spanish food called Illustration of cooking ingredients.. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/ASIFE

It turns out that the reason why people don’t want to learn to cook when their mother is at home, is not far from their fear if their mother finds out they finished their ingredients.

“WKWKWK it’s really the same. I can’t try to cook at home because the kitchen is controlled by my mother. If you try recipes like that, it’s like being here, like cooking the most unhealthy food in the world huhu,” complained @cent**.

“I’m really waiting for mom to come out of the house. So that if the results fail, my cooking won’t be ridiculed. Even though mom won’t be ridiculed, it’s natural to learn. I just don’t know why I still don’t want to be caught experimenting,” vented @eu**.

“Yes, because I’m really sorry that my mother is fussy if the kitchen is messy. Not to mention if it fails, it will be blasphemed. I can’t believe the process is like my mother, I want her son to try it once and immediately can,” commented @nis**.

Although most people are more comfortable experimenting recipes to cooking in the kitchen without the supervision of their mother. Many also commented that they were even supported by their mother for cooking experiments and so on.

“I was even told to cook with my mother. If I don’t have confidence in myself, I say I don’t want to cook because I’m afraid it won’t taste good, I’ll be told to try it first. scolded, and this is really a new incident,” concluded @umu**.

The topic of conversation about the reasons why people prefer to cook at home, apparently managed to get more than 20.5 thousand likes, and get thousands of retweets from other netizens on Twitter.

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