This is the most haunted place in Bali, often seen scary sightings


There is an abandoned housing that is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Bali. Many residents have seen spooky apparitions here.

Besides the Puncak Indah Bedugul Hotel in Tabanan Regency, there is another location that is known to be haunted and has a fairly thick magical aura in Bali. The place is an abandoned housing estate in the Banjar Dinas Liligundi, Liligundi Village, Buleleng District, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

The atmosphere of silence was felt when entering the abandoned residential area. Goosebumps instantly goosebumps when they hear some faint voices in the ears. Like the sound of birds to dry leaves that sound when your feet hit the ground.

If you look closely, the location is really scary. Not only from abandoned buildings, the access road is filled with shrubs, which adds to the horror of this place. Some of the buildings in this place have been destroyed, many of them even look like they have no roof or hollow.

It is said that no one dared to occupy the location because there were several reasons, especially regarding its location near the cemetery, and between two times (pangkung). The location of the pangkung is right at the back and front of the house building.

Based on the rumors circulating, not a few people who visited were shown a scary figure. Like the appearance of a small child who is often seen in that location. No wonder, because right above the abandoned housing there is a special grave for children.

One of the local residents, named Jro Surya Wijaya, said that there was a family who lived there for the first time. But in the end the family chose to leave the place due to a landslide.

Abandoned housing in Liligundi Village, Buleleng, Bali Photo: Made Wijaya Kusuma

The disaster was then associated with supernatural things that existed in that place. Since then, no one has dared to live in the housing estate. Until finally about ten years ago, he became the first person to return to occupy one of the houses in the housing.

“Behind the disaster there is a story, why only one house collapsed, if rationally taken it might be the negligence of the owner of the house, which blocked the flow of water, so that the land there was eroded, but if you look at it from a niskala, under housing (pangkung) is believed to be the place for banaspati. the king, because it continues to be polluted, maybe that’s the reason,” said Jro Surya Wijaya, to detikBali, Sunday (10/30/2022).

Jro Surya said, now there are as many as four heads of families (KK) living in the housing, and almost all of them are immigrants. He himself is from Jakarta, who happens to be married to a Balinese.

Become a Test Place for Guts

He did not deny the location is haunted. This place is often used as a test location for guts by some people. Not a few have experienced strange experiences, some even suddenly fainted because they saw a scary figure.

Therefore, when going there, Jro Surya, often advised to prepare facilities such as canang sari and incense to ask for safety at the location. Because there is also a temple built by local residents.

“The point is that if you come there with good intentions, things like that won’t happen, but if you come there to challenge, strange things can happen, so I always remind people who want to go there to take care of yourself.” pray first using canang sari and incense,” he said.

Abandoned Housing in Liligundi Village, Buleleng District, Buleleng Regency, Bali, which is famous for being haunted.Abandoned Housing in Liligundi Village, Buleleng, Bali Photo: Made Wijaya Kusuma

Although knowing the location where he lives has a haunted impression, Jro Surya admits that he is comfortable and not afraid while living in Bali. Because he believes, humans will always be protected when close to God.

The trick is to pray diligently according to their respective beliefs. “I pray every day in Bali, right,” he concluded.


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