This is the Favorite Gowes Spot in Pasuruan, the Road is Smooth!


Pasuruan -Pegowes will definitely give two thumbs up for the Pasrepan-Tosari route, Pasuruan. After trying it once, definitely want to repeat pedaling on this track.

The Pasrepan-Tosari route, which is the access to Bromo from Pasuruan, has become a favorite track since the first year of the Corona virus pandemic. This track then hits and becomes the path of ‘paradise’ for bicycle pedals.

This track offers a smooth ride. Passing vehicles are also relatively not crowded so that it is more comfortable. This track is uphill and there are many sharp turns that challenge guts, stamina and focus.

As long as the wheel spins, pegowes can spoil the eye to see residential areas, shady trees on either side and beautiful pine forests. Feelings of tiredness and breathlessness disappeared, replaced by a sense of awe at the natural beauty that was presented.

Pasuruan hiker paradise path. Photo: Muhajir Arifin

This route has three busy posts to stop by to unwind, but of course riders can rest in other locations. The three posts are located in Mangguan, Puspo and Tosari villages.

Pos Mangguan, Pasrepan District, is a simple warung that serves mouthwatering village specialties. In this shop, there is a special parking space that can fit dozens of bicycles.

The second post is in the Puspo District, the Puspo Pasrepan Border or at the Puspo KUD. Here, pegowes can also enjoy fresh milk. Understandably, this district is one of the centers of dairy farming in Pasuruan.

The last post is in the Tosari area. Here, pegowes can enjoy Tengger Tribe food, a typical dish made from vegetables. In addition to the natural beauty, the culture of the people is the main attraction.

“For riders from Pasuruan, they usually arrive at pit stop one, the Mangguan stall or at the Puspo Border or at the KUD Puspo. I’ve been to Tosari several times,” said Anggun, a rider from Purworejo, Pasuruan City, Sunday (6/3/2022).

Pasuruan hiker paradise pathPasuruan hiker paradise path. Photo: Muhajir Arifin

The woman who works as a radio announcer belonging to the Pasuruan Regency Government has countless ‘paved’ in this path.

“Twice a week I go up,” he said.

Not only that, the Pasrepan-Tosari route also offers village tourist destinations. In Puspo District, there is a Red Flower tour. Here, pegowes can rest on a bed of various flowers while enjoying a meal or just drinking coffee. Then there is Bromo Forest and several other destinations along the route.

“That’s my favorite route. I’ve ridden there several times. Yes, it doesn’t always go to Tosari, it’s also fun to go to Mangguan or Puspo,” said Moch Alim, a rider from Pasuruan City.

Meanwhile, Saiful, a resident of Puspo, said that apart from Pasuruan, drivers from Sidoarjo, Surabaya to Gresik also often try this route. Usually on Saturdays and Sundays, this route is crowded with pedestrians.

“Pegowes not only from Pasuruan but Sidoarjo, Gresik and Surabaya. Many are addicted, want to come back again,” said Saiful.

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