This is the Deepest Motel in the World, Where Grand Canyon Tourists Are Trapped


A group of tourists must feel dag-dig-dug-ser, when their vacation doesn’t go as planned. This tourist is trapped in an underground cave as deep as 60 meters.

Reported from CNN, Thursday (10/27/2022) a total of 6 tourists were trapped in the Grand Canyon Caverns because the elevator was dead. The site has tours of historic caves to the world’s deepest motels.

With an elevator to the bottom of the cave, the Motel Suite at the Grand Canyon Caverns has been named the deepest, darkest and quietest hotel room in the world.

Unlike hotels in general, a traveler will sleep with the roof of a cave without any additional buildings. One room is quite large, can accommodate up to six people.

Grand Canyon Caverns Photo: (Grand Canyon Caverns)

To be able to enjoy this hotel, a traveler will be charged USD 1,000 per night for two people. If dirupiahkan approximately Rp 15 million.

The hotel rooms are dimly lit with the help of colorful lights that make the atmosphere dramatic. The facilities provided are two queen beds, an RV style bathroom, a kitchenette and a living room with television.

Grand Canyon CavernsGrand Canyon Caverns Photo: (Grand Canyon Caverns)

It seems the hotel would not be complete without a restaurant. Yes, the hotel also has a small restaurant that caters to the 6 tourists trapped there. A husband and wife from this group decided to stay at this deepest hotel while waiting for the elevator to return to operation.

If you don’t want to stay overnight, travelers can enjoy a 45-minute historical tour, rock climbing and lights-off tour. There is even a special chapel for tourists who want to get married inside the Grand Canyon cave!

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