This is Talang Londo, a different angle from Magelang


Talang Londo, which is full of history, is getting more and more interesting nowadays. This destination is a different angle when visiting Magelang.

As observed by detikJateng, this building functions as an irrigation canal made of iron. This irrigation channel originates from the Temanggung area across Magelang City and reaches the Magelang Regency area.

The channel in the Manggis River stream is estimated to have been first built by the Dutch around 1880. Then it was renovated again around 1901.

The age of the building which is more than a century old is still functioning. Now, Talang Londo has become a tourist destination managed by local residents, in Kalijoso Village, Secang District.

Talang Londo Magelang (Photo: Eko Susanto/detikJateng)

“This place is indeed a Dutch heritage. Take literature in Probolo (Progo Bogowonto Luk Ulo), the office that handles irrigation was first built in 1880, then it was rehabilitated again in 1901,” said Talang Londo Manager, Prastiyo, when met at the location, Friday (4 / 4) 11/2022).

Prastiyo said, the Talang Londo tourist attraction began to be designed in 2019 and began to be cleaned in 2020. Then starting at the end of 2020, starting with rides in irrigation canals by boat.

The Dutch heritage Talang Londo building has become a tourist destination in Secang, Magelang Regency.Talang Londo Magelang (Photo: Eko Susanto/detikJateng)

“Then starting in early 2021, it will be built again,” he said.

The facilities here, he said, include meeting rooms, photo spots, and boats for rent for visitors.

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