This is Sahara van Garut


Talking about the beach in Garut South is not only about Santolo Beach and Rancabuaya. Far at the end there is a beautiful tourist spot blending like the Sahara desert and the sea.

Tungtung Coral Sand his name. The location is in the Sayang Heulang Beach area, precisely in Mancagahar Village, Pameungpeuk District.

Pasir Tungtung Karang is about 90 kilometers from the urban center of Garut and can be reached in 4 to 5 hours by motorized vehicle.

This place, at first glance, looks like Parangkusumo in Bantul, DIY. Not surprisingly, this place is dubbed the ‘Sahara van Garut’. This place has stunning sandbars.

The white sand that spreads out is the main charm of this place. If you take pictures with the right point of view, tourists can feel like in the desert like in the Middle East.

Sahara van Garut (Photo: Hakim Ghani/detikcom)

“Nice place, cool. I myself know from social media that this place exists,” said Reva (27), a tourist from Garut.

From another angle, the beauty is clearly visible Dear Heulang Beach which stretches widely. No doubt, this place is a mix of cool sand dunes and beautiful blue beaches.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Pasir Tungtung Karang was crowded with tourists. Both local tourists, as well as tourists from outside Garut who deliberately come to just enjoy the sunset and take pictures in this place.

Now, this tourist spot is starting to rise. Local tourists began to come back to this place again after the Garut Regional Government reopened all tourist attractions in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with health protocols.

To be able to visit this place, tourists are charged Rp. 7.5 thousand per person. Even though the place is far in remote areas, all tiredness during the trip will be lost and paid off by the beauty of this place.

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