This is Karuhun Village, Nature Tourism Near Cisumdawu Toll Road


The existence of the Cisumdawu Toll Road is predicted to be a revival of the tourism sector in Sumedang Regency. One of the nearby attractions is Kampung Karuhun.

As did this one tourist spot, namely Kampung Karuhun. This tourist spot, which is located in Citengah Village, South Sumedang District, has just added a new vehicle called Kurung Jiwa.

The owner of the Karuhun Village tour, Nana Mulyana, admitted that the existence of the Cisundawu toll road, which had just been opened for a week, had a positive effect on the level of tourist visits.

“Sumedang is no longer an alternative but a tourist destination for both tourists from Jakarta, Bandung, especially Greater Bandung, they come to Sumedang considering its current accessibility,” said Nana to detikcom, Sunday (30/1/2022).

With the Cisumdawu Toll Road, Nana continued, Karuhun Village continues to strive to create a sustainable tourist destination. In 2022, Kampung Karuhun presents a new vehicle or place for selfies called Kurung Jiwa.

Karuhun Village Photo: (Nur Azis/detikcom)

“Krung Jiwa is a very natural selfie place on the Cihonje River, not only taking selfies but visitors can also eat and have coffee beside the river with the gurgling water and the cool breeze,” explained Nana.

As is known, the clear waters of the Cihonje river plus views of the unspoiled forest are the main attraction for this one tourist attraction.

Not to mention, a number of photo spots, children’s playgrounds, swimming pools, restaurants and other facilities that make this tourist location worthy of being included in the bucket-list when going on vacation with family.

“After the opening of the Cisumdawu toll road, many Bandung residents were initially hesitant to enter Sumedang, because they had to pass through Jatinangor and Tanjungsari, which they knew about the crwded route, but once opened (Cisumdawu toll road) they informed each other on social media that they could go on a picnic to Sumedang (via the Cisumdawu toll road). ),” said Nana.

Karuhun VillageKaruhun Village Photo: (Nur Azis/detikcom)

One of the tourists from Bandung, Ima, admitted that Karuhun Village, which has a natural tourism concept, is quite recommended as a tourist destination of choice to fill holiday time with family.

“The uniqueness of Karuhun Village, in addition to the existing facilities, is also the presence of a river that is still clear and views of the natural forest so that it is comfortable and has a pleasant atmosphere,” he said.

Ima who came with her family, apart from social media, she knew about the existence of Kampung Karuhun from the stories of her friends.

“Yes, friends also said that it was good for family tours, so we tried to come during this holiday, and it turned out to be true,” he said.

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