This is a Bird’s Paradise in West Lombok, Many Photographers Visit the World

West Lombok

Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park is known as a bird’s paradise in West Lombok. Many photographers of the world have come here to photograph birds. What’s the story like?

Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park is located in the village of Senggigi, Batulayar District, West Lombok. This area has an area of ​​396.10 hectares. This tourist park is surrounded by hills overgrown by various types of trees.

According to Wahyu, Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park Officer, at this location there are 59 bird species that have been identified by a joint team from Unram and BKSDA. These birds include rare and endemic birds that are only found in a few locations in the world.

One of them is the Celepuk Rinjani bird. This bird is a rare bird which is endemic to the island of Lombok. It took about 3 years to make observations and research on these 59 species of birds.

Wahyu said that TWA Kerandangan was visited by many tourists from Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea. They mostly want to learn and explore about the birds in Lombok, in addition to enjoying the cool air at TWA Kerandangan.

TWA Kerandangan Photo: (doc. West Lombok Regency Government)

He also said, TWA is also often visited by world photographers to photograph birds and plants. For one type of bird such as the Paok Laus and the Murak bird.

It is estimated that until now around 170 professional photographers from various countries have photographed birds at TWA Kerandangan. They came with a camera with a large and long lens to take pictures of the birds at TWA Kerandangan.

This is certainly a special attraction for world tourists who want to visit TWA Kerandangan. He said the birds could be photographed by tourists after being summoned using a special technique.

Wahyu said that many tourists who come for bird watching are from Germany and England. Besides enjoying the natural scenery, they also learn about birds and nature.

“Tourists who come are mostly birds from Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Korea. They come to observe birds and these birds can be called with special techniques to be seen and photographed. This is the main attraction,” he said.

Some of the attractions found in TWA Kerandangan include Putri Kembar Waterfall, Swallow Cave and Eat Ber’aik spring.

At TWA Kerandangan, which is managed by BKSDA, tourists can carry out a number of tourism activities, including Jungle Tracking, River cruising, Camping, Environmental Education and Animal Observation.

To get to Putri Kembar Waterfall and Goa Swallow, tourists travel approximately 2 kilometers with a travel time of about 1 to 1 and a half hours from the main entrance of TWA.

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