This is a beautiful resort in Maratua, just like the Maldives!


Maratua turns out to have a beautiful resort that is not inferior to the Maldives. One of the recommendations is the Green Nirvana Resort, which looks really fantastic.

Green Nirvana Resort Maratua is one of the destinations that will make you feel as if you are on vacation in the Maldives. Located in the Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan, this resort is like a hidden gem that a traveler will never forget.

This resort has 42 units of rooms that travelers can rent. The 42 rooms consist of 10 Deluxe Rooms, 12 Executive Rooms and 20 Standard Rooms. The rental price starts from IDR 1.2 million per night.

Green Nirvana Resort Maratua will pamper travelers with the best service. You can unwind and calm down with a view of the beach which certainly makes your mind more relaxed.

Travelers who want to get to know the underwater world more deeply, marine tourism at Green Nirvana Resort can be your best choice. Travelers can dive, snorkel, or just play in the water on the beach.

Green Nirvana Resort Maratua Photo: (doc. Green Nirvana Resort)

The traveler’s eyes will be spoiled by the beautiful coral reefs in the waters of Maratua, and can see various types of fish that you will not find anywhere else, such as Thresher Shark to Nurse Shark.

Regarding security, this resort is very guaranteed. During activities in the water, the traveler will be accompanied by an experienced guide and guided by a professional diving instructor.

Diving in MaratuaDiving in Maratua Photo: (doc. Green Nirvana Resort)

Travelers will also get education about the underwater world by experienced diving instructors, and can feel the sensation of seeing the amazing underwater scenery of Maratua.

A number of celebrities and officials from the country have been recorded to have stayed at this resort. Starting from Marischka Prudence, Andrea Gunawan to Agus Martowardojo, they have vacationed here.

To get here, a traveler can travel for 6.5 hours from Jakarta, with details of 4 hours flying from to Berau via Balikpapan, then followed by a 2.5 hour boat trip from Berau to Maratua.

Believe me, the time during the trip will pay off when you arrive at Maratua, which is no less beautiful than the Maldives.

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