This Indonesian Woman Shows the Price of Kangkung in America Rp 136 thousand


In Indonesia, the price of water spinach and salted fish is relatively cheap, there are many available in the market. But it’s a different story in the United States. The price of kale can reach Rp. 136 thousand per bunch.

Being born and living in Indonesia for a long time makes it difficult for anyone to stay away from Indonesian food. Like a woman named Susi Fatimah who now lives in the United States. He admitted that it was difficult to find Indonesian food ingredients.

Through Instagrammya @sulatifimah_, she shared her experience when looking for Indonesian food ingredients in the United States. The woman who is familiarly called Susi has uploaded several photos of Indonesian food ingredients which are priced at high prices in the United States.”

Susi Fatimah, Indonesian woman living in the United States Photo: Instagram @sulatifimah_

Recently, Susi shared a story when she went to a Chinese supermarket called Great Wall in Virginia to find kale. Here he saw fresh water spinach which was sold for $9.46 (Rp 134 thousand) per bunch.

Besides kale, Susi also found mangosteen in this supermarket. The price is no less fantastic, mangosteen is priced at $ 13 (Rp 187 thousand) for half a kilogram.

“Still sucking the price of one bunch of kale is $9.46 (Rp. 134 thousand), I’m surprised again the price of mangosteen here is $13 per pound,” said Susi on her Instagram story (7/2).

In addition to showing the price of kale and mangosteen, Susi also talked a little about the Chinese supermarket she visited. Here all Chinese food products are available in full. There are also some products from Indonesia, but there are not many.

This Indonesian Woman Shows the Price of Kangkung in America Rp 136 thousandThe price of kale in America is IDR 136 thousand Photo: Instagram @sulatifimah_

“After walking around one store last night, there were only three Indonesian products being sold here; soy sauce and ABC sauce and Indomie with chicken flavored sauce,” continued Susi.

He also advised Muslims to be careful shopping here because many products contain pork. So before buying, you should pay attention to the list of ingredients listed on the packaging.

“Shopping here must be careful and keep your eyes focused, because seeing the wrong thing can be troublesome. Last night, several times I wanted to take things, but when I read they were made of pork. It’s hard to tell the difference between beef and pork meatballs, the shape and color are the same. They are arranged in the freezer side by side,” explained the woman who lives in Alexandria, Virginia State.

When contacted by detikFood (8/2), Susi said that some Indonesian foods are indeed difficult to find in the United States, including kale.

“For kale, it is rare, not all Asian supermarkets exist. Moreover, American supermarkets, definitely don’t exist. I just found kale at an Asian shop called Hung Phat there, it costs 5 dollars (Rp. 71 thousand) for 1 bunch of kale. The one on the Great Wall a bunch of $9.46 (Rp. 134 thousand) is even more expensive,” said Susi to DetikFood.

This Indonesian Woman Shows the Price of Kangkung in America Rp 136 thousandPrice of Indonesian food in America Photo: Instagram @sulatifimah_

Susi also said that the price of kale in the United States is more expensive than the price of halal chicken. For 6 pieces of ordinary chicken, it is only priced at $3-4 or around Rp. 43 thousand to Rp. 57 thousand.

Not only kale and mangosteen are expensive, some other foods that are usually cheap in Indonesia are also expensive in America. Such as instant noodles, salted fish and chili.

“Salted fish is also quite expensive, because I saw that $10 (Rp. 144 thousand) only contained 6 small sizes. One more thing, the chilies here are also good, the price of a small box is around 4.46 dollars (Rp. 64 thousand),” concluded Susi.

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