This Harry Potter Exhibition Takes Travelers to Hogwarts Castle!

Philadelphia, USA

An exhibition was held for Potterheads. Here visitors can see the wizarding world of Harry Potter in the real world.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is an interactive exhibition that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Here, there are fan-favorite spots like Hagrid’s Hut, Newt’s Suitcase and Hogwarts Castle.

The Franklin Institute Photo: (The Harry Potter Exhibition)

Themed world of magic, there is a magical touch resulting from the design elements and innovative technology.

“This exhibition is a great way for wizarding world fans to celebrate the world of Hogwarts and beyond, bringing them closer to props, costumes, creatures, sets, and more,” said Senior Vice President, Warner Entertainment Bros. Peter van Roden in a statement.

According to The Philadelphia Inquire, Tuesday (22/2/2022) the Harry Potter exhibition focuses primarily on the world created by the Harry Potter films. For the first time, a Harry Potter film premiered in November 2001

The first experience starts from King’s Cross Platform 9, where travelers will complete their profile first. Once completed tourists will travel to Hogwarts. They can take pictures exploring classrooms and walks into the forbidden forest.

Behind-the-scenes Exhibition of Harry Potter MoviesBehind-the-scenes exhibition of the Harry Potter films Photo: (The Harry Potter Exihibition)

Along the way, tourists will be surrounded by the original costumes from the movie. There are also many interesting props to look at.

The exhibition, which was held at the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia, is open every day from 09.30 to 20.00. For adults, the ticket price is USD 43, IDR 616 thousand and USD 39 or IDR 559 thousand for children.

Held until September 18th, the exhibition will tour the world with stops in Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia!

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