This food delivery man uses fake hands so his customers are not afraid


This food delivery guy lost one of his hands in an accident. He also uses a prosthetic hand, so that his customers are not afraid when they receive the food they deliver.

Despite experiencing many difficulties, but some people continue to fight hard without being discouraged to pursue their dreams to survive. Like the story of the struggle of a man named Ahmad Nabil Rosli, who works as a food delivery person in Malaysia every day.

Reporting from WOB (01/03), Ahmad explained that he had an accident that made him lose his left hand about five years ago.

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“I accept what has happened. Now I am used to wearing a prosthetic arm when delivering food orders,” he continued.

This 23-year-old man turned out to have his own reasons why he decided to wear prosthetic hands. Because he doesn’t want customers or shoppers, afraid to see himself coming to deliver food without a left hand. So he wore a prosthetic hand so people wouldn’t be afraid to see him while delivering food.

This food delivery man uses fake hands so his customers are not afraid Photo: TikTok/WOB

“I don’t want people to sympathize with my situation. I want to stand on my own feet. Another reason, I want customers to feel comfortable with my presence,” he said.

In terms of his work as a food delivery man, using a prosthetic hand is no problem. But Ahmad admits his concern, if one day he has children, he is afraid of their response to seeing the father only has one hand.

It is not without reason that Ahmad considers that his prosthetic hand is very important. He told me that he had forgotten to wear a prosthetic hand, because he was in a hurry to take food orders from his customers.

“When I arrived at the customer’s house, one of the customer’s children who took the food immediately ran scared to see me. Maybe because I only have one hand,” he continued.

Apart from being active in delivering food, he is also diligent in uploading various content on TikTok and sharing his experiences working as a food delivery person.

“Not only delivering food, I also have another job, namely promoting people’s businesses on TikTok for free and without payment,” he concluded.

Ahmad himself already has more than 76 thousand followers on his TikTok. He often gets food products, and other products to promote on his account.

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