This doctor forbids giving food to loved ones, this is the reason


Food is often used as a tool to show affection. But this doctor advises people not to overfeed their loved ones.

One form of affection that many people do to the person they love, is by showering them with lots of delicious food. Even giving food to loved ones has been done by people for hundreds of years.

But apparently this is not recommended by a doctor named Nandita Iyer. Reporting from Storypick (21/02), this doctor and writer gives advice for people to stop giving food to their loved ones.

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Through her Twitter account @saffrontrail, Nandita discusses the habit of people giving delicious foods such as cakes to chocolates on Valentine’s Day for their loved ones.

“If you are in love with someone, you should give them less to eat. Avoid giving sweet desserts or alcohol as a way to show affection to your partner, or a way to celebrate important anniversaries with your partner,” Nandita wrote.

Nandita also relates that most people are in several countries, such as in India for example. Always give as much food as possible to loved ones, to show their love.

“Giving people we love every two hours is not a form of love. In fact, it can destroy the body’s metabolic system. Too often eating large portions, can increase insulin levels,” he explained.

“Every time you eat, insulin levels in the blood will rise. High insulin levels cause insulin resistance, making cells in muscles, fat and liver less responsive to insulin,” continued Nandita.

Overeating. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Irina_Timokhina

Nandita further explained that the act of feeding loved ones too often can make the pancreas produce more insulin.

“The comparison is the same with us calling someone but he doesn’t pick up the phone. Not a good thing. Eventually the pancreas will stop producing insulin which causes high blood sugar,” Nandita continued.

There is a special reason why Nandita warns people not to give too much food to show love. This is nothing but related to the dangers of high insulin on health.

“Insulin is the same as a hunger driver. High insulin levels can cause several chronic diseases such as type two diabetes, heart attacks to PCOS,” he said.

Even the side effects can also trigger tumors for some cancers. Making a person’s memory function weakened, to weight gain due to insulin that is too high.

For that Nandita gives tips so that people don’t overdo it.

Young couple is in eating lunch at home together in the living room and they are looking at each otherCouple eating instant noodles together. Photo: iStock

“Make sure there is a 12 hour break to stop eating within 24 hours. Provide healthy foods and not unhealthy foods. Choose healthy carbohydrates, rather than carbohydrates from processed foods. Avoid using oils that increase Omega 6 and inflammation. Finally get enough sleep and exercise regularly ,” he concluded.

In response to this information, many Twitter residents are grateful to Nandita.

“Thank you for sharing this information. Moreover, you include a scientific explanation so that people understand better,” wrote @san**.

“This is probably the most touching Valentine’s Day message, and should be written in candy and chocolate every day,” suggested @sav***.

“That’s right, if we love people, we won’t make them suffer from diabetes and other chronic diseases just because we continue to give them good food,” concluded @da**.

So far, Nandita’s tweet about this has received more than 1.3 thousand likes and has been shared 355 times.

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