This Cake Shop in Bangkok Makes Chinese New Year Offerings from Coconut Pudding


During Chinese New Year, many people buy pork to chicken for offerings. But in this shop the traditional offerings are made from coconut pudding.

Not only in China, the celebration of the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year also took place lively in Thailand. Many foods to cakes are served during Chinese New Year celebrations.

One of the most memorable times during Chinese New Year is where people give dishes or offerings of various delicious foods, for ancestors or family members who have died.

This dish is usually a variety of fruits, pork, steamed whole chicken, roasted duck and many more. Of course, the prices of these foods are very expensive, even though they end up not being eaten and only for serving.

Reporting from SCMP (03/02), seeing this opportunity, finally a cake shop named Namjai in Bangkok, Thailand, decided to make Chinese specialties in the form of coconut pudding made from coconut milk.

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The shape of these cakes is similar to pudding, the difference is that the top of the cake is printed with a decoration in the form of food and fruit which is usually served for Chinese New Year.

Make Chinese New Year Offerings from Coconut Pudding Photo: Ahtit Perawongmetha/Reuters

“Most people in Bangkok still want to preserve their culture by giving offerings to their ancestors during Chinese New Year,” explains Thanapach Montraprasit, owner of Namjai cake shop.

“Although our pudding products are not real food such as chicken or duck meat. But we make pudding packages with decorations of foods that people usually serve for offerings,” he continued.

“I think now the cost of living is also getting more expensive. The price of chicken and duck meat has soared. So many people are buying this pudding as a new alternative,” he said.

Even though it seems simple and only an imitation. But this coconut milk pudding turned out to be selling well in the market, especially ahead of the Chinese New Year yesterday. At least Namjai pastry shop gets more than 500-1000 orders from people, until they are quite overwhelmed.

The price is also cheap, for a package of coconut pudding with various food decorations and cakes on it per box, it is around USD 27 (Rp 388,000) for nine pieces.

“We have a lot of orders. We can’t even take all the orders,” he said.

Customers also find this pudding a less expensive, and more photogenic option than the original traditional menu.

This Cake Shop in Bangkok Makes Chinese New Year Offerings from Coconut PuddingThe Process of Making Chinese New Year Offerings from Coconut Pudding Photo: Ahtit Perawongmetha/Reuters

“I live alone, it’s quite inconvenient to find all the food for offerings alone. Like looking for steamed chicken to roast duck, there are so many things to buy and it’s difficult to buy because of COVID-19. the shape is good,” said Naree Boonyakiat, one of Namjai’s customers.

It turns out that not only the shape is nice and adorable, this coconut pudding also has a delicious taste. So it can be for offerings or snacks with the family.

Until now Namjai cake shop continues to make other cake orders. This cake shop is famous for its delicious homemade desserts.

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