This beautiful Balinese Tipat seller makes netizens excited


Video of a waiter making tipat hook This Balinese specialty has succeeded in making netizens focus wrong. Not only because the tipat is delicious, it’s also because of the beautiful waitress.

Through a TikTok video, a food vlogger from Bali who exists with the @kulinerbattle account tells his experience when tasting tipat cantok at a restaurant called Warung D’paon.

In the video, a waiter can be seen being so nimble when mixing tipat cantok. Tipat cantok is a typical Balinese dish similar to pecel which consists of vegetables, bean sprouts, water spinach and sprinkled with peanut sauce.

Many netizens are tempted by the tipat cantok, but not a few also focus on a waiter who mixes tipat cantok because of his beautiful face.

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Dewik, a restaurant waitress who went viral for being beautiful. Photo: Instagram @kulinerbattle / @warungdpaon

“The tip is delicious, it’s made by the beautiful lady, so addicted I eat here,” wrote a netizen.

“This is really delicious, you know, the price is cheap. A portion of tipat is only Rp. 6 thousand,” wrote another netizen.

To detikcom (01/02/2022) Siwi Minggayani as the owner of Warung D’paon said that the woman who was viral in the video was a waitress at her restaurant.

“The one in the video is our staff, her name is Dewik,” said Siwi.

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Beautiful tippat sellerAtmosphere of Warung D’paon in Bail Photo: Instagram @kulinerbattle / @warungdpaon

Siwi admitted that he did not expect that his maid’s video would go viral. According to him, beauty is relative. “But I was also surprised that many netizens commented like that,” he said.

Warung D’paon itself is a restaurant that offers Balinese cuisine. Starting from rujak, tipat cantok, tipat plecing, tipat gravy fierce sourdaluman ice, cendol ice and others.

The prices offered for each menu are affordable. Starting from IDR 3,000 to IDR 15,000. This restaurant is located on Jalan Raya Goa Gajah, Teges, Peliatan, Ubud.

Although it only opened on March 28, 2021, this restaurant is the choice of tourists to taste Balinese culinary specialties. In addition to the delicious food menu, this restaurant also offers views of the beautiful and green rice fields.

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