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This beautiful Bakpau seller turns out to be a singer from Malaysia


Viral in TikTok a beautiful roadside bakpau seller. It turns out that the woman is an artist from Malaysia. This is a fact.

Through a video, a TikTok user @jimtoncet uploaded a video showing a roadside bakpau outlet. It turned out that he was wrongly focused on the woman who was selling.

How not, the woman who wears the hijab is beautiful. Besides that, he also smiles sweetly every time he serves buyers. The TikTok user also saluted the woman.

“Beautiful but willing to heat up for sustenance,” reads the caption on the video on TikTok.

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This beautiful bakpau seller is a singer from Malaysia named Bienda Photo: TikTok @farahazman167

The video went viral and made a scene netizens. Even many netizens are curious about the location of the bakpau outlet. Apparently the bakpau outlet is in Malaysia.

“Please tell me where it is, I want to buy the bakpau,” wrote a netizen.

“So beautiful and sweet, Masha Allah, she doesn’t have the prestige of doing roadside sales,” wrote another netizen.

Confirmed by detikFood (07/03), the beautiful woman who sells bakpau is a singer from Malaysia. He is known as Bienda.

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Beautiful bakpau sellerVia Instagram, Bienda thanked him for making his bakpau shop so crowded. Photo: TikTok @farahazman167

Through his Instagram @biendalavienda (06/03) Bienda also gave his response about the circulation of a video of him selling bakpau. Bienda confirmed that the woman was him.

Answering questions from netizens who suspected that Bienda was selling bakpau due to economic difficulties, Bienda said that he was still pursuing a career in the entertainment world.

Furthermore, Bienda also expressed his gratitude to Video users because the viral video has made his bakpau outlet more popular. And the bakpau outlet itself is named Papapau Bienda.

“Bienda would like to thank @farahazman167 who has gone viral, thank you for stopping by at Pau’s outlet Biendathank you for helping to promote it too,” wrote Bienda.

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