This Application Help Animal Lovers Fulfill Pet Needs Easily

FOR animal lovers, caring for and pampering pets requires comprehensive support so that pets receive maximum health and care. This has also caught the attention of Wagginton, which is a pet commerce or market place for pet needs that will be launched in the near future.

Wagginton Chief Marketing Officer Jaqueline Wong said the bond between humans and animals is an important part of life, therefore Wagginton presents an anti-complicated application without paw parents leaving the house to meet the needs of pets.

“Wagginton makes it easy for paw parents to meet the needs of their pets, at very affordable prices with guaranteed original products because they work with distributors. Currently, we sell hundreds of brands and thousands of quality products ranging from economical to premium products and guarantee product originality,” he said in a written statement.

As pet commerce, the Wagginton application has an easy-to-use design and has 24/7 experienced and reliable customer service and shopping assistance through the Whatsapp application and a call center that is always ready to provide consultation on pet needs. The ecosystem contained in this application is complete, ranging from food products, grooming services, animal health to education.

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“Wagginton will also work together in the future to collaborate with trusted veterinarians to provide counseling, have animal lodging services, provide special medicines for pets,” said Jacqueline.

In addition, Wagginton also cooperates with the animal lover community as a forum for consultation and exchanging opinions. Therefore, in the future this application will be a solution for pet lovers not only to maintain the health of their beloved animals but also to do activities together with the community.

“As a one stop solution application, Wagginton can also create a “Pet Profile” by filling in animal biodata which helps users get product recommendations such as information on nutrition, allergies, supplements, medicines and food to improve the quality of life of pets,” added Jacqueline.

Wagginton also guarantees that all your pet’s needs can be met in a matter of hours with the same day delivery service. As an anti-complicated application, it also accepts all types of payments, from bank transfers, e-wallet, to payments via minimarkets. (RO/OL-7)

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