This App is for Checking Genuine or Fake Epson Ink

The use of printers and the printing process is now a common thing to do for various groups and purposes, both in the office and at home. One aspect that needs to be observed and considered in the printing process is the quality of the ink required.

Quality ink has two categories, namely ink pigment and ink dye-based. Ink pigment has the advantage of water resistance, in addition to sharpness of color and not easy to fade. This type of ink is usually used to print important documents, such as printing diplomas or certificates.

Examples of Epson inks that belong to the type pigment These include ink type T7741 (for M100/M200), 005 ink (for M1100/M1120/M2140/M3170/M15140), black ink 001 (for L6260, L6270, L6290), 008 ink (L15150, L15160, L15180) .

Meanwhile, ink dye-based usually used to print documents such as letters, presentation materials, receipts, photos, and so on. Examples of Epson inks that belong to the type dye-based These include the 003 series ink (for L3210/L3250/L5290/L1120), the T664 series ink (for L1300/L300/L350/L565) and the T673 series ink (for L1800/L805/L850).

PT Epson Indonesia ensures that the ink produced is of high quality and in accordance with printer specifications. The quality of the ink produced by Epson Indonesia can make the printer more durable and able to provide the best printing results, problem-free, and guarantee the quality of the prints. Users can print thousands of sheets without having to worry about the quality and quality of the ink used.

Representative of PT Epson Indonesia Syahrizal Aprianto as Sr Manager Product Marketing Printer & Business Development Head of Printer Department, said, Epson ensures that every printer ink produced is original.

“In ensuring this, users can prove the authenticity of the ink through the Epson Genuine application which can be downloaded via the Play Store or App Store at smartphone. In the Epson Genuine application, users can do: scan barcodes on the ink box so that users can easily find out the authenticity of the ink,” said Syahrizal in a statement received in Jakarta, Monday (31/10).

He added, the application will appear a symbol or sign after the user scans barcodes. “If the ink product has been scanned twice, a yellow symbol will appear and if the QR Code contained in the box is identified as fake, there will be a statement ‘fake consumables’ and a red symbol will appear,” he said.

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The guidelines for using the Epson Genuine application include:
1. User can use the scanner feature on smartphone pressing the ‘Scan Now’ button will automatically open the camera and turn on the LED Flash as a QR scanner tool.

2. Next, place the Epson ink pack on a flat or level surface. Rub and remove the cover sticker that covers it as a hologram to get the entire QR Code. Make sure the top side of the packaging is the side with the hologram sticker and has a QR Code,

3. Adjust the QR position on the ink then press ‘take a picture’ on the screen and continue by pressing the ‘check’ button or enter ‘Random Number’ in the number input field.

4. If the Epson ink used is genuine, there will be ‘Epson Genuine Consumable’ information in the form of category information, ink color, serial number, but if it is not found in the database, it is possible that the ink is counterfeit.

In addition to being able to confirm it through the Epson Genuine application, users can confirm the authenticity of the ink through the Hologram of the outer packaging of the box. Every ink produced by Epson, will have a good packaging or box quality, light in color, and solid. Then the ink box also has a holographic sticker on the top and bottom sides of the bottle ink packaging.

“To find out other characteristics of counterfeit ink, customers can identify in several ways, namely the holographic seal on the fake ink is slightly faded and there is no Epson Genuine writing, although it is a bit difficult to distinguish, but the characteristics of the fake holographic ink on the box cannot be used. the application,” he said.

He explained that counterfeit ink is produced without quality control and does not have quality control like genuine printer ink. So if used on a printer, it can cause damage and cause the warranty on the printer to be void. In addition, counterfeit ink prints tend to fade and can cause harm to users.

“For this reason, we must all be wary of the circulation of counterfeit ink, because currently it is estimated that it has reached 30%,” he said.

He admitted, the circulation of counterfeit ink in Indonesia is estimated to have reached 30%. Therefore, Epson Indonesia continues to educate the public regarding the dangers of using counterfeit ink.

“We need to educate the public about the dangers of using counterfeit ink and increase customer confidence in buying Epson products, especially ink,” said Syahrizal.

On the other hand, there are criminal sanctions for perpetrators of ink counterfeiters and sellers of counterfeit ink in Indonesia. The criminal sanctions are regulated in Law Number 20 of 2016 concerning Marks and Geographical Indications (Mark Law). The perpetrators may be subject to imprisonment and/or fines. (RO/OL-16)

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