This 52 Years Cake Shop Will Be Closed, Customers Are Willing to Queue Up to 70 Meters!


A cake shop known for its ondeh-ondeh and kueh dadar has announced its closing plans. As a result, their loyal customers are willing to queue up to snaking up to 70 meters!

Restaurants, places to eat, or even cake shops that have been around for decades have a special place in the hearts of their loyal customers. Their dishes that accompany their customers to ‘grow’ from childhood to adulthood are recognized as having a distinctive taste and seem to have been attached.

It is this proximity that makes many shops or places to eat legendary when they close, it will be very unfortunate for their loyal customers. Announcement of the closing plan of this legendary shop or restaurant will usually be followed by high enthusiasm of its customers who are reluctant to miss the moments to taste the food for the last time.

Queues that are snaking until they are willing to wait for hours are considered comparable to ‘giving up’ the closing of the shop or place to eat. A similar thing happened to a legendary cake shop at Serangoon Central, Singapore.

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Towards its closing, this legendary cake shop had customers lined up for up to 70 meters. Photo: Mothership

Quoting Mothership (20/4), a legendary cake shop named Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry announced that it would close in June or July 2022. Legendary cake shop It is famous for its menu of traditional cakes such as ondeh ondeh and kueh dadar.

News of the store closures spread throughout Singapore. As a result, this legendary pastry shop is filled with customers hoping to sample some of its sweet pastries one last time.

When monitoring the queues of customers at Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry, it turned out that the queues were far more than one could imagine. Customers who want to buy their last cake are willing to queue from the front door of the shop to the nearest bus stop.

It is said that the distance from the shop door to the nearest bus stop is 70 meters. Even though the queue was so long, more and more people joined the queue and waited for their turn to be able to buy cakes at the legendary shop.

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This 52 Years Cake Shop Will Be Closed, Customers Are Willing to Queue Up to 70 Meters!Due to the queues and the limited number of workers, customers are only allowed to buy two boxes of cakes. Photo: Mothership

Due to the surge in customers, the limited human resources at this store have limited orders by only allowing customers to order two boxes of kueh dadar, ondeh ondeh, and putu ayu only. This legendary cake shop which is usually open from 10:00 to 20:00 finally had to close at 14:00 due to a flood of customers.

Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry is so well known because it has been operating for around 52 years. This legendary cake shop which was originally named Dong Le Yuan was first opened on Orchard road in the 1970s. Until finally they moved to Serangoon Central area in 2002.

After his move, loyal customers of this legendary cake shop are willing to move along and keep waiting in line in front of his new shop location. Unfortunately soon legendary cake shop it will be closed for good and stop serving ondeh-ondeh to its legendary kueh omelette.

According to the owner’s statement, the factor in closing the legendary cake shop was due to the grandson of the legendary cake shop owner who now manages the cake shop choosing to retire and enjoy his old age. Even the building or building of the cake shop will also be on sale in the near future.

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