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Thin and Light Powerbank Ready to Keep the Smartphone On

Smartphones are the most needed part of people’s lifestyles today and support daily activities ranging from communication, navigation, music player, important notes, to social media. Moreover, the condition of working mobile is now a trend during the covid-19 pandemic. WFH rules are sometimes used for everyone’s freedom to work from cafes, hangout places, even while enjoying holidays.

But who is always annoyed when the cellphone battery runs out in the middle of a trip or outside the home activity? Of course this will hinder work, especially if it is difficult to find an outlet to charge the battery. The main solution is to replace the resource with a power bank.

Sales Director of PT Wook Global Technology Rosita Su said that it was very important to choose a replacement resource for a smartphone that was able to answer the expectations of technology that supports the needs of today’s modern lifestyle to stay connected smoothly and easily configured to suit various outdoor needs. In addition, the tool must be friendly in supporting high community mobility.

“The principle of technology that is friendly to mobility but can still enjoy the best power capacity, the fast charging input output feature, to a tough and heat-resistant design is really needed. This is because the trend of new life will still be carried out for a long period of time,” said Rosita Su.

Therefore, the Robot Powerbank RT180 with new innovations is designed to be very thin and light, making it easy to store. Its minimalist size, which is only 225 grams, makes this power bank easy to carry around. Interestingly, this power bank resembles a wallet because there is a line on the edge. This makes this product comfortable to hold and fits in the palm of the hand.

In addition, the RT180 is equipped with an indicator light and an on/off button on the sides. This power bank is also equipped with dual port inputs, namely microUSB and USB-C. “Not only that, this device is also priced at a user-friendly price in the range of Rp. 249,900 and is easy to get at cellphone accessory stores and e-commerce,” he explained.

To make it easier for users to find out other specifications of the Robot Powerbank, they can access Instagram @robotpowerbank to ensure the device fits their needs. By visiting this account, users can also get a choice of other products such as the RT30 and RT31 which are very suitable for outdoor mobility needs and ensure the user’s smartphone stays on all day long. (RO/OL-14)