These Two New POCO Mobile Phones Are Ready to Enliven the Lebaran Moment, Check Out the Specifications

The MOMENT of Eid Al-Fitr 1443/2022 feels so special because the government has allowed back homecoming activities, after 2 years previously, the tradition of returning home was prohibited due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The moment of returning to your hometown, of course, makes an encounter with your family a special moment on Eid day.

This special moment will be more complete with the presence of a camera that can capture togetherness with family. The presence of smart phones with high resolution cameras makes the moments captured by the camera even more “colorful”. This has also caught the attention of mobile phone manufacturers, POCO, which is approaching Eid this time, has 2 new mobile phone lines that can help make the Eid moment more lively.


Armed with a high-resolution 64MP main camera lens, moments of apologizing to parents can be captured in the form of photos or videos that will not be forgotten. Plus an 8MP ultra-wide angle lens and a 2MP macro lens that operate with artificial intelligence are able to make the triple camera record quality photos and videos with the best details.

“The POCO M4 Pro has now also used a 90 Hz Super AMOLED screen to maximize your happiness! As a result, the photos and videos you record can be presented with a complete color range with very high cinematic and contrast,” wrote POCO in his statement.

The POCO M4 Pro screen display is still comfortable on the eyes, because in this series a responsive sensor is embedded that can detect sensitive changes in light so that it is able to adjust the screen brightness periodically.

Not only is it convenient to read, watch videos, or play games in dimly lit environments, the display on the screen stays clear even in the hot sun. The POCO M4 Pro also features an Eye Care Display which is able to minimize the impact of blue light on the eyes.

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“Don’t worry, you are guaranteed not to miss a single moment during a family gathering just because of a low-battery or running out of phone memory. Because the POCO M4 Pro has a 5,000mAH battery capacity that is very durable, but can also charge quickly thanks to technology MMT 33W Pro Fast Charging,” added POCO.

The lightest and thinnest POCO M Series weighing 179.5 grams and only 8.09 mm thick is also equipped with 6GB and 8GB LPDDR4X RAM which can be expanded up to 11GB, and UFS2.2 ROM up to 256GB which makes application operation 139% faster from UFS2.1.

All the luxuries presented by the POCO M4 Pro are supported by a high-performance Octa-core CPU thanks to the combination of ARM Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55 which makes the performance of this phone more stable and smoother.

POCO M3 Pro 5G

As the name implies, the POCO M3 Pro 5G is designed to be able to operate on a 5G network which makes the download and upload process super fast with low latency. For the business of the runway, POCO embeds the MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor, which certainly performs great with the best efficiency in its class.

Not only reliable for work, the FHD+ screen with Corning Gorilla Glass on the POCO M3 Pro 5G makes playing games or watching videos comfortable.

Dual sensors on the front and back of the phone are able to detect 360° of light, so they can precisely adjust the brightness of the screen to reduce eye strain. The POCO M3 Pro 5G screen can also adapt automatically to 90Hz, 60Hz, 50Hz and 30Hz according to the content you are viewing for efficient battery use.

“Speaking of battery, this 5G phone is able to last for more than 2 days thanks to a 5,000mAh battery capable of fast charging 18W,” explained POCO.

The two POCO series of mobile phones are priced at very pocket-friendly prices. POCO M4 Pro (6GB + 128GB) can be redeemed at prices starting from Rp. 2,999,000. Meanwhile, to bring home the POCO M3 Pro 5G (4GB + 64GB) to your hometown, you just need to prepare a budget of IDR 2,699,000. (RO/OL–7)

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