These Netizens Make ‘Sultan’ Waffles Using Truffle Mushrooms and Caviar


Waffles usually made with sweet toppings or fried chicken. In contrast to TikTok netizens who make waffles with a dish of truffle mushroom sauce and caviar.

TikTok netizens often upload unique and even luxurious food creations. Some make desserts with a mixture of savory foods, unique shapes, and others.

As TikTok user @dannygrubs did. This man named Danny often uploads cooking tutorials. One of the contents is to make waffles with unique creations.

Instead of making waffles with sweet toppings, he makes waffles with creamy savory toppings. Not like American style serving waffles with fried chicken topping, Danny makes a savory sauce for the waffle mix.

Waffle ‘Sultan’ Using Truffle and Caviar Photo: TikTok @dannygrubs

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In the video, Danny is seen making stuffing for waffles out of ham, minced meat and cheese. Then, the filling is arranged in a waffle, similar to a sandwich and then cooled in the refrigerator.

After slightly frozen, the waffle is removed and split into 2 parts. Then wrapped with a thin flour mixture that has been mixed with alcoholic beverages and then fried.

Waffle 'Sultan' with Truffle and CaviarWaffle ‘Sultan’ Using Truffle and Caviar Photo: TikTok @dannygrubs

finished frying, waffles it was served on a plate that had been garnished with raspberry jam. Then waffles are also served with truffle mushroom sauce and caviar as a dip.

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The sauce is made from mashed hash brown potatoes. Then add the grated truffles, truffle oil, and pepper. Then the sauce is put into a bottle of whipped cream for easy spraying.

Waffle 'Sultan' with Truffle and CaviarWaffle ‘Sultan’ Using Truffle and Caviar Photo: TikTok @dannygrubs

The truffle sauce is also topped with grated truffle mushrooms, lemon zest, and caviar. You can see how luxurious the savory waffle is.

Many netizens are tempted to try it because it looks delicious. Around 345,000 TikTok users liked the video.

“I see this so hungry again,” commented netizen.

“The truffle foam looks delicious,” said another netizen.

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