These Five Platforms You Can Use To Create Links in Social Media Bios

Along with the increasing number of social media users, now the presence of social media such as Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook, has become a platform that can help spread information quickly.

However, this social media generally limits the number of links that can be listed on a user’s profile, which is a single link. In fact, social media is no longer only used as an entertainment platform, but also a platform for selling, promoting, advertising, and forming a community.

According to a survey from Sea Insights in 2020, 54% of MSME entrepreneurs increasingly rely on social media to increase sales. This is in line with the IPSOS research in 2018, where 87% of respondents from MSMEs admitted that using Instagram had succeeded in increasing their sales.

Not only from the business side, the same survey found that 76% of users make a purchase after discovering a new product on Instagram.

From social media trends that continue to increase, it’s no wonder that now the use of links or links in bio needs to be optimized. To overcome the limitation of a single link in the bio, various tools are now available that provide ‘branching links’, so that when opened, more options and individual links appear.

This makes it easier for business people, content creators, and general users to increase engagement, for example inviting followers to place orders, visit online stores, contact admins, and so on.

The following are 5 platforms that can be used to include bio links on social media, with their respective features, advantages, and limitations:

1. Desty

dock. Desty

Desty is a bio link inserting tool with more than 15 complete, unique, and hyperlocal features that do not charge any subscription fees.

This Indonesian startup provides a free service to help users optimize a fairly adequate conversion rate, where users can design the main page according to their taste, and share photos, videos, audio, and display product catalogs imported from other marketplaces, such as Shopee & Lazada. Various content formats and links make look professional, like a mini website.

Not only does it offer more customization, Desty users can also access full analytical reports on the number of visits for each link.

To make it easier for the layman, the layout settings to the installation of links in Desty are designed to be very simple, so that anyone, even those who are not familiar with technology, can still use it for free.

According to its function, Desty is divided into two types. Desty.Page is designed to make it easy to compile and navigate pages, while Desty.Store is perfect for starting an online store site.

These adequate features make this tool widely used by business people from various backgrounds, as well as content creators, such as Salshabilla Adriani, Titan Tyra, Directorate General of Taxes, KPP Tamansari, Kopi Promise Jiwa, HAUS, Fore Coffee, DAMN! I Love Indonesia, iBox Indonesia, to the name Beauty & LunaHabit from Luna Maya.

2. Linktree

dock. Lintree

Linktree is a bio link tool that is quite widely used in various countries. This Australian startup offers full features with subscription methods ranging from Rp. 70,000 to Rp. 340,000/month or US$5-US$24/month. Full features such as scheduling link publications, hiding the Linktree branding logo, or getting reports from each link (not combined).

Linktree also provides a free to use option, but with a limited feature of just placing simple links.


With a design that looks aesthetically pleasing and fun, the bio link tool is loved by content creators and is widely used to display portfolios. Slightly different from the others, makes it easy for users to create a simple landing page on multiple slides, which can be navigated with a swipe, just like Instagram Stories. The template is suitable for those who need an aesthetic page, with evocative visuals and rich photos.

4. is a tool to include bio links in a format similar to Instagram feeds. When opened, it looks like an Instagram page, where users can add galleries according to their social media photos, then provide their respective links. This format is suitable for online stores, news portals, or content creators. was developed by Instagram’s content management tool, Later. users can access the performance data of the listed content, and this tool can also be integrated with Google Analytics.


Established since April 2021, one of the differences between and other similar tools is the monetization feature in the form of links with a paid concept, either via e-money, QRIS, transfer to virtual accounts, Indomaret, and others.

Transactions facilitated by will be charged a service fee of 5% for free customers and 3% for pro customers.

To get complete features, users can subscribe at a price of Rp. 99 thousand / month. Targeting fellow content creators, this monetization feature is expected to make it easier to use in promoting its sales. (RO/OL-7)