These are Tips for Making Strong Passwords

WE have been familiar with passwords for a long time. We use passwords to log into various accounts that exist on computers or mobile phones.

The Cnet page reports passwords have been used since computers have shrunk in size and can be placed on desks. Along with the times, more and more technologies are used to secure passwords.

A number of internet companies are looking for a way to replace the password function, so that users can log into accounts without entering a password.

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While waiting for a new way to log in to an account without a password, here are ways you can use to strengthen internet account security.

1. Length

The longer the password, the better the protection it provides. Experts think the best 16-character passwords can prevent accounts from being hacked using password-cracking software.

The best protection is provided by a 16 character password containing random characters. However, in most situations, a combination of three unrelated words is sufficient to provide security to an internet account.

Special characters such as exclamation points or symbols can also be used to strengthen passwords.

The most important thing to remember, never use birthdates for passwords because they are very easy for hackers to guess. Song titles and famous quotes are also not good choices for passwords.

2. Don’t recycle

Even if it uses a long character, there is always the possibility of it being stolen and hacked. The easiest way is not to use the same password for all accounts.

To overcome this, users can take advantage of a password manager or password manager, either paid or free.

3. Update

Experts are still debating whether internet users should change passwords periodically. However, if hacked is detected, the user must immediately change the password.

4. Privacy

Get used to not sharing personal things on social media. Social media platforms can be an entry point for stealing personal information.

Quizzes that are often held on social media are often used as a disguise to steal personal data, for example finding out where your favorite place to go for vacation is. The place can be used as a password.

5. Two-step verification

Two-step verification or two-factor authentication is highly recommended for additional security in addition to passwords.

If possible, avoid 2FA that sends codes to SMS to avoid data theft with SIM swaps. (Ant/OL-1)

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