These are the 5 Differences in the Concoction of Goat Sate from Solo and Tegal


Even though the names are both satay, it turns out goat satay typical Solo and Tegal have differences. One of them is a different way of making and enjoying it.

Both are located in the province of Central Java, the cities of Solo and Tegal have a special satay dish. At first glance, it may look quite similar.

It turns out that the two satays, especially goat satay from Solo and Tegal, are very different. Starting from the meat used as the basic ingredient to the way it is served and consumed.

Even when viewed from the way of presentation, the two are completely different. One of them is more like spices while the other type tends to be served with a simple presentation.

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Here are 5 differences between Solo and Tegal goat satay blends:

Solo goat satay, both regular satay and buntel satay, are covered with a very thick seasoning. Photo: detikcom/Diah Afrilian

1. Thick seasoning

In Solo, goat satay is usually cooked with thick spices. When served, the color of the mutton turned black because of the thick seasoning.

At the bottom of the satay, sliced ​​cabbage, tomatoes and shallots are added. The presentation of the typical Solo goat satay like this was discovered by detikfood when tasting the original goat satay from Solo, Pak Manto.

At each customer’s table, sweet soy sauce is also provided for those who want to add soy sauce to the satay. Slices of cabbage, tomatoes and shallots when mixed with sweet soy sauce tastes even more delicious.

2. Served plain

In contrast to the Solo satay which is served with thick spices to cover the original color of the meat, the typical Tegal goat satay tends to be simpler and plainer. Even the Tegal satay is served directly on the plate without the slightest seasoning on the plate.

Uniquely, without the addition of other spices, this Tegal goat satay has a delicious savory taste. This pleasure can be felt even though it is served plain. This is also acknowledged by one of the workers at Sate Batibul Bang Awi who said that the typical Tegal satay is identical to its plain presentation.

The texture of this goat meat using goats under three months old or batibul feels so soft and not fishy at all even though it is eaten without accompanying spices. Detikfood has the opportunity to immediately see how it is served goat satay Batibul is typical of Tegal on Sate Batibul Bang Awi which after being burned is immediately served on a plate.

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