These are Crypto Asset Investment Tips for Women from Tokocrypto

INVESTMENT is an important thing that must be done to achieve financial prosperity. Not a few say that women are reliable in terms of financial management, but when it comes to investing, especially crypto assets, it is often heard that the role of men is the role of men.

According to a report released by a financial product comparison site, Finder, in December 2021, it was noted that around 51% of men in Indonesia own crypto assets compared to 49% of women. Actually this figure has increased from the previous survey in October 2021, the crypto ownership rate for men reached 58% and women 42%.

The Finder survey results are also in line with the growth of crypto asset investors in Tokocrypto. At the end of December 2021, there were around 30% female investors compared to male investors which reached the 70% range. This figure also proves that female investors experienced a significant growth rate.

Tokocrypto VP of Corporate Communication Rieka Handayani said that women’s participation in investing in crypto assets is undeniably still relatively low compared to men. In fact, women have reliable abilities in financial management and at the same time can be #Ready to be better at investing.

“In terms of financial management, women are considered adept at it. In fact, oftentimes, women get the nickname ‘Minister of Finance’ in a family. The ability to invest can also be a way to become an independent and financially independent woman. Women can be the financial savior of a family or can meet their own needs,” said Rieka.

To start investing, women can look at crypto asset instruments. The reason is that this instrument is an investment choice with a budget that is not too large and easy to access. Crypto asset investments have a low to high level of risk, investors just need to adjust to their respective risk profiles.

Women today have tremendous earning potential. One source of income can be through investing in crypto assets. Therefore, it is important for women to start investing and it is better to pay attention to the following things first.

Start as early as possible

Crypto assets are investment instruments that are still relatively new. Therefore, the opportunity to get a better profit can be achieved by starting to invest as early as possible.

For women who want to start investing, they don’t have to think about salary limits or wait to have an established career and are married. Investment is a long-term plan, the results of which can only be enjoyed within a certain period of time. So starting early can be the right move.

Determine investment goals

Women are often hesitant to start investing, due to a lack of self-confidence. However, this can be avoided by setting clear goals or objectives.

Investors must understand what to invest in, what are the goals to be achieved. If the goals are clearly detailed, then the confidence to invest is even more mature. Like, saving the cost of children’s education, or maybe for funds.

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Always study

As is known, crypto assets are one of the investment instruments that have high risk, but good returns (high risk, high return). Therefore, to start investing, female investors must first understand the risk factors and how to avoid losses.

The type of crypto asset chosen can be adjusted to the character of the investor, whether a high-risk, medium-risk or low-risk one. If we are not brave enough to take the risk of loss, we can choose crypto assets with large capitalization or stablecoins that tend to be less volatile.

Use the right platform

Female investors can choose various crypto asset investment platforms that are officially registered with CoFTRA, one of which is Tokocrypto. By choosing the right exchange platform or crypto asset trader, you can provide a sense of security and comfort. Tokocrypto also has various initiatives for educational tools for novice investors.

“Crypto assets can be a suitable investment choice for women, because they don’t require a large budget to get started and are easy to access. Crypto asset investments in Tokocrypto can start with a capital of IDR 50,000. The cheapest trading fee is 0.1 percent. Also, the cost of withdrawing funds or withdrawing is not more than Rp. 5,500,” explained Rieka.

In order to increase women’s participation in investing in crypto assets and in the context of International Women’s Day, Tokocrypto organizes the Women’s Month Cuan program with various benefits. Female crypto investors can take part in the Trading Competition with a total prize of more than IDR 100,000,000 during the period from 1 March 2022 10.00 WIB to 15 March 2022 23.59 WIB.

In addition, in line with the spirit of women support women, female investors who have just joined as Tokocrypto customers and have completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process can get free crypto assets in the form of TKO tokens. This program period is valid from 1-31 March 2022. (RO/OL-7)