These are 5 Unique Fruits that are Viral on TikTok, There are Snow Fruits and Ciplukan


Not only snacks that often go viral on TikTok, but there are unique fruits. Such as snow fruit that is often found in Bali, ciplukan, to kimkit oranges.

Fruit is included in a healthy diet that must be consumed regularly every day. Due to its nutritional content, it can make nutritional intake balanced.

In addition to fruits that are commonly found and taste familiar, there are also unique fruits that are no less delicious. Some of these unique fruits went viral on TikTok and many netizens were curious.

DetikFood has summarized that there are several viral fruits on TikTok. Such as snow fruit, ciplukan, kimkit orange, to black sapote.

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1. Snow Fruit

Snow Fruit that went viral on TikToka Photo: iStock

Snow fruit has gone viral on TikTok and made many netizens curious. Fruit This one comes from Bedugul, Bali and many street vendors offer fruit there.

Snow fruit or in English known as ‘Ice Cream Bean’ is a rare fruit found in Indonesia. Called snow fruit because of its white flesh color and soft smooth texture.

Snow fruit went viral on TikTok because a TikToker with the account @diikadik (2/12) uploaded a video reviewing the taste of snow fruit. In the video, the TikToker seems to be enjoying the snow fruit. He said that it tasted very good.

2. Black Sapote Fruit

Facts about Black Sapote Fruit that Tastes Like Chocolate PuddingFacts about Black Sapote Fruit that Tastes like Chocolate Pudding Photo: iStock

Some time ago the black sapote fruit caught the attention of foodies on TikTok. As the name suggests, black sapote has dark black flesh.

The black sapote fruit is still in the same family as the orange persimmon. The color of the fruit on the outside is green but deep black on the inside.

Many people say that the taste of black sapote is similar to chocolate pudding. The taste is sweet with a soft texture, like chocolate pudding.

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