These are 5 Modern Halal Chicken Noodles in Jakarta that are Famously Delicious


These five places sell halal chicken noodles with a contemporary concept. There are outlets that carry a contemporary Chinese concept to complement their noodles with suikiaw toppings.

Bakmi ayam can be a choice for lunch or dinner. The savory noodles will be complemented by sliced ​​or chopped chicken, boiled vegetables, and other accompaniments such as dumplings and suikiaw.

In Jakarta, there are several sellers of halal chicken noodles that come with a contemporary concept. It is so called because the outlets are aesthetically pleasing, often highlighting eye-catching contemporary Chinese concepts.

Then there are also those who complement the chicken noodles with a choice of other toppings to make it even more delicious. Everything is a favorite of chicken noodle lovers.

Where’s the place? Here detikfood summarizes 5 chicken noodle contemporary halal which is famous for its delicious taste in Jakarta:

1. Bakmie Kirai

Bakmie Kirai, a hidden gem in Cipete that has delicious chicken noodles and mushroom chicken yamien. Photo: Instagram bakmiekirai

In the midst of a hit on social media, this is Bakmie Kirai which is touted as hidden gems in Cipete. The noodles here can be ordered through an online food application. Bakmie Kirai offers a special curly noodle. Everything is formulated with 100% halal ingredients, no pork and no lard.

The menu has mushroom chicken noodles and mushroom chicken yamien. A serving of this chicken noodle can also be equipped with toppings such as meatballs, fried dumplings, boiled dumplings, and suikiaw. The price starts from IDR 34 thousand per portion.

If you want to save even more, Bakmie Kirai also offers a Rame Package which is suitable for 2 and 4 people. This package includes a selection of delicious toppings. The price is around Rp. 85 thousand for a package of 2 people and Rp. 165 thousand for a package of 4 people.

Bakmi Kirai
Jl. Kirai 1 Number 4, North Cipete, South Jakarta
Instagram: bakmiekirai

2. Bakmi Karya

These are 5 Modern Halal Chicken Noodles in that are Famously DeliciousBakmi Ayam Kampung is the mainstay of the menu at Bakmi Karya. Photo: Instagram bakmikarya

Carrying the concept of halal chicken noodles, this is Bakmi Karya which also has many fans. One of the mainstay menus is Bakmi Ayam Kampung, where the savory rubber noodles are combined with sliced ​​boiled free-range chicken. The price is IDR 38 thousand.

A portion of noodles here can also be enjoyed with super complete toppings. The price starts from Rp. 58 thousand only. The name of the menu is Bakmi Karya Special with stuffed with minced chicken, boiled dumplings, free-range chicken, caisim vegetables, and fried meatballs.

Want something spicy? Try the Geprek Chicken Noodle for Rp. 33 thousand. You can choose the level of spiciness from this thin noodle from 1-5. Perfect for spicy lovers.

Bakmi Karya
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.55, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

Jl. Lieutenant Sutopo No. kav. 5, BSD

3. Noodle Haw

These are 5 Modern Halal Chicken Noodles in that are Famously DeliciousStarting from IDR 30 thousand per portion, you can taste halal chicken noodles at Mie Haw. Photo: Instagram mie.haw

At Ciranjang and ITC Fatmawati, you can taste chicken noodle Halal made by Mie Haw. If you come to the outlet in Ciranjang, you will find a contemporary Chinese feel with a dominant red color. Dining on the spot is also fun because you can peek at the kitchen area.

Mie Haw offers a variety of large and small curly rubber noodles. The price starts from IDR 30 thousand per portion. The noodles are equipped with mushroom chicken topping, you can add boiled native chicken, beef meatballs, and boiled dumplings to make it even more delicious.

Want something different? Taste the green noodles here which are no less delicious. There is also a complementary kuo tie that should not be missed. The price is Rp. 24 thousand per 3 pieces and is equipped with chili oil which is spicy and savory.

Noodles Haw
Jl. Ciranjang No. 25, South Jakarta
Phone: 0813-8813-3325

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