These 7 Foods Never Expire As Long As They Are Stored Properly


Almost all foods have an ideal shelf life and have an expiration date. But there are foods that never expire, such as salt and honey.

When you want to buy food or beverage products, it is important to show the expiration date listed on the packaging. The product with the longest expiration date is definitely an option.

But actually not all food products have an expiration date. Reporting from the Times of India (16/2) some foods do not recognize the term expiration. It is even safe for consumption even though it has passed its expiration date.

Although it does not know the expiration date, you must pay attention to how and where to store it properly. Food quality will also decrease if it is not placed in clean containers.

Here are some foods that don’t expire:

1. Salt

Salt is one of the natural preservatives, which never expires. Because it is a preservative, salt is often relied on to make pickles and dry snacks so they can be stored for a long time.

This applies to types of natural salt that are not added with iodine or other chemicals. The addition of chemicals can actually change the natural properties of salt so that the shelf life is not long.

Salt is extracted from seawater so the saltiness will not diminish. Natural salt does not have an expiration date, but when added to chemicals, the shelf life is around 5-6 years. How to store salt also determines its quality, so try to store salt in a dry container, tightly closed and not exposed to direct sunlight.

Honey is a food that doesn’t expire Photo: TikTok @_chwisbuncis_ @emilmario69 iStock

2. Honey

Honey is also known as liquid gold because of its nutritional content and many health benefits. Honey and its nutritional content is maintained even though it has been stored for a very long time.

Honey is one of those foods that you can enjoy anytime without worrying about the expiration date. This natural honey that has a sweet and delicious taste is believed to last for decades.

The best way to store honey is in a tightly closed container. The thing that makes honey last for years is because the water content is very little so that there is no microbial growth in honey.

3. Coffee

Instant coffee is safe to drink even after its expiration date, this is because it is made by drying a pre-brewed coffee concentrate mixture. Instant coffee is processed by drying using hot air to turn the liquid into a fine coffee powder.

The instant coffee drying process ensures there is no moisture or moisture thereby reducing the chances of spoilage. But make sure the coffee is in a tightly closed package because when the coffee is exposed to the open air, the aroma and taste will decrease drastically.

4. Soy sauce

This fermented seasoning is commonly added in various dishes, especially Chinese-style food. The taste of food becomes more savory and delicious when added with soy sauce. In addition to delicious food, soy sauce can also be stored for a long time.

Soy sauce made naturally without the addition of chemicals and preservatives can be stored for decades. An unopened bottle of soy sauce can last for decades as long as it is kept at room temperature and in a clean place. The salt content in soy sauce also makes this cooking spice last longer.

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